Bon Appetit  Steam Baked Parchment Dinners

Bon Appetit Steam Baked Parchment Dinners

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I'm trying to find this item (bon appetit-frozen steam meals). I live in Alameda County(California) does anyone know where I can possible find this item?

I also got to try them free through BZZ Agent and they are awesome! It is like having a restaurant meal at home. It is a perfect portion with an outstanding taste.

I received coupons to try Bon Appetit "frozen" meals to see if my family would like them, from being a Bzz Agent. I got 2 different kinds - Beef in Red Wine Sauce - this was delicious! It has carrots, potatoes, onions and meat in a tasty red wine gravy sauce. The other kind I got was Smoked Apple & Uncured Bacon Chicken - this has, potatoes, and red peppers in a dijon sauce - this was also delicious! The best way to make these meals is to bake them in the oven for about 35 minutes, in the pouch they come in. After they have baked, you cut open the pouch, pour on your plate and you have a gourmet meal on your plate! I suggest adding a nice salad with these meals, there is not a lot of meat but they also only have between 310-350 calories! Perfect!!!! I would suggest trying these meals!