Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Dark Kiss

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Dark Kiss

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The lotion smells great, but it's not a great moisturiser. I would have much rather sacrificed the fragrance for quality hydration

Smell so good cArry the all ones in my bag

This is a nice winter fragrance and the lotion it self is nice and light.

Bath & Body Works keeps making the prices of their products higher every couple of months. They also recently changed the formula of their body mists & they do not last as long now. That being said, Dark Kiss is one of my favorite scents from this company. Great for night time or winter. One of the strongest & longest lasting scents they offer. It smells like chocolate & flowers on my skin. My hubby also wears this one & it smells even better on him! His natural musk really brings out the cocoa scent. I suggest you all make your men try this one, you will love it on them!

Nice. This reminds me of their orchid line. Which also reminds me of Tom Fords, " Black Orchid" perfume. It's a nice scent.

This is my absolute favorite from BBW. I love the berry smell, which is more toned down than you would think. I think they were trying to appeal to an older audience with this fragrance, but I'm 21 and in my eyes, it can't be beat!

I loved this scent the moment I tested it. Its a sweet smell that puts me in a good mood and I always love the Bath and Body Works lotions. I have a bottle of this that I keep at my desk at work just in case I need a pick me up in the afternoon.

Kiss of sweetness I have a travel size of this cream. It smells really nice and the smell carries without having to use much. It's definitely a winter flower scent. I love the name too.

Oh this stuff is sooo good. It's really strong though. Best as a Fall or Winter scent.

i love the smell but sometimes it's just too overwhelming, if it was less strong it would've been great.

Smells amazing. Receive so many compliments when wearing this.

Love this lotion and I will always repurchace it smells good

I absolutely love dark kiss!! The smell is sexy, sweet, and seductive! Oh, and my boyfriend loves it too!

This is by far my favorite lotion! The best winter fragrance I've found yet!

My aunt had this at her house i tried it, instantly took me back in time when my husband and i first met. long story short its almost gone we both use it ( My husband and I) and i need to pick up more.