Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Dark Kiss

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Dark Kiss

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i love the smell of this, i just went to the store yesterday and bought some. :)

Kisses Dark kiss smells so sweet and paired with the body mist lasts all day long.

BEST SPICY SWEET SCENT My all time fav scent!! If you love spicy..yet sweetly gotta try. This will stay with you longer than fruity scents. I receive so many complimentdswhen i wear this.

I love this lotion it's my favorite smell it last long all day

This is by far my favorite lotion! The best winter fragrance I've found yet!

I love the creams from there I always buy some they have really nice smells.

I'm a huge fan of Bath and Body Works, especially their lotions. I always use them during the winter time, when my skin gets so dry and ashy. The shea butter really brings moisture to my skin, and the smell is so pleasant. The Dark Kiss is one of my favorite scents.

My aunt had this at her house i tried it, instantly took me back in time when my husband and i first met. long story short its almost gone we both use it ( My husband and I) and i need to pick up more.

love this product i carry one in my purse all the time smells amazing

this is a beautiful smelling lotion, it wont wear off, more of a winter/fall smell

This is definitely a love it or hate it scent. It's a sweet smelling scent that is a blend of plum, berries and musk with a hint of vanilla. It's personally one of my favorites at Bath & Body Works and my signature fragrance for my work week. I love the smell and it almost reminds me of cotton candy, I find the vanilla hints to very comforting and relaxing. It's a scent that last literally all day.

Love this scent and how its thick I loveeee bath and body works

I received this lotion as a gift. Smell so sweet. i love it.

I love this scent. I like to put this one when I'm going somewhere special. I think it's kind of a sexy smell. The lotion makes my skin soft. I hope Bath and Body Works never discontinues this product.

This is my absolute favorite from BBW. I love the berry smell, which is more toned down than you would think. I think they were trying to appeal to an older audience with this fragrance, but I'm 21 and in my eyes, it can't be beat!