Dawn Power Clean

Dawn Power Clean

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This stuff is awsome! I am true to the Dawn brand in general as it works well, but this new product is the best yet. The label states that you get the power of overnight soaking and I feel that is an understatement. This will take the nasty of built up food and grease off your dishes in a few minutes time. I also feel like it softens my hands without the slippery effect. This is a must have in your kitchen! I have always put a tablespoon of dawn in my laundry to remove food off the kids clothing and this works great for that as well.

Like this very much. It gets my dishes super clean and I don't have to soak them like I used to.

I love this dish soap! I no longer have soak my dishes! Its amazing!

This is a great product - original Dawn is good, but this product by Dawn is great. It cleans well and has long lasting suds when washing dishes. I would recommend this product.

This product does a wonderful job of softening hard "fried on" food from pots and pans. I place a few drops directly on the stubborn areas and let it sit for a few moments. Those hard crusty areas become soft and are easily washed away. Love this product.

I love Dawn dishwashing soap because it is gentle on the hands and smells great. I can also use Dawn on some DIY cleaning products at the house.

Does the job it is supposed to!

I think that Dawn in general is a staple item in my house. I use dawn to wash dishes, pots and pans, as well as to get stains out of laundry. I think Dawn is the only brand of dishwashing liquid to buy!

Love the stuff it is all I buy. Works on everything

The BEST dish soap hands down! The bottle is advertised correctly, it is like letting a pan sit over night when you let it soak just five minutes.

This Dawn is ah'mazing it works so well on your pots and pans that lets just face it we would like to throw out rather that tackle the mess! Lets not mention the icky plates and glasses that the teenagers "forget" in their rooms, so by the time you find them they look like a bad science experiment, It just powers through all of that!

I love this soap its the only one I use and will ever use. It always leave my pots and pans and dishes squeaky clean.

I tried this because I had a coupon, and I have to say it's worth every penny! Have not ever used anything that releases tough greasy food residue like this...and you don't have to use much, a bottle will last a long time.

Really powerful and it lasts forever!

Only use Dove Power Clean!