Bethenny Frankel Skinnydipping

Bethenny Frankel Skinnydipping

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Considering it's basically a fictional version of Bethenny's life, I liked the book. However, the contest section was extremely long, which is understandable since that's what most of the book is about, but on the other hand, did we really need to know what type of dessert she decided to put on the menu? The one big flaw of the book (for me), and the reason I didn't give it a higher rating was because of how obsessive the character is about her weight. As someone in recovery of an eating disorder, this was not the best thing to read, and in fact, took a lot of willpower for me to continue reading. Fortunately, she eventually eases off the, "Wow, I just won't eat for a week!" binge later in the book which made for a much better read. If you're looking for something as witty as Bethenny Frankel, with details about her life mixed into a pot of fiction, this would be a good book to read. I particularly loved the ending, and the very last sentence gave me goosebumps.