NYX Cosmetics Felt Tip Liner

NYX Cosmetics Felt Tip Liner

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love love love

Stays on all day and goes on smoothly. I have recommended this to a few people I know and they all love it. It lasts all day, too!

My favorite brand! I love this eyeliner! It does go on a little thin but the felt tip applies flawless lines!

Like this one for the ease of application - dries out pretty fast though and clumps easily!

Save your money not worth it.

Great the first few uses then the tip became blunt and dry!

Tread with caution I was fine with the product at first, the Blackest Black was subpar compared to other brands. Even the Family Dollar eyeliner was darker than this. But the worst was the longevity of the product. In the end, it didn't last very long. In about 3 weeks or so, it started to dry out.

My experience with this was just awful...the extreme black is a blueish black, but it look more like a dark navy; something that really disappoint me. But what really made me hate this was that in about 2-3 weeks the liner was completely dry, and I had only used it for about 4 times. For me this was just a waste of money......it is a never again product.

It's disappointing because the liner was so dark at first use, then for about a week or two it dried up so fast. One day I was applying it and it just created break lines, as if I was playing connect to dots. Not okay!

DO NOT GET THIS! I used it once it was ok. The second time it was pretty much dried up!

I use eye liner on a daily basis. It is usually a pencil liner that I use and thought to venture out and get a liquid liner to try. I purchased this one it was at a great price, but I was not happy with the results the tip was hard to handle meaning that I had to go over the area I wanted coverage over again. The tip did not seem to have the sturdiness I needed to complete the task needed the first time and I was frustrated with its results.

I do not like this item. I do not like the felt tip. I like their other liquid eyeliner that has an actual brush to it. This doesn't go on as dark as I like it to and seems to not last all day.