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Sky Auction

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In twenty years, we have never taken a 'Real Vacation'. My Best friend, needed a vacation. Talking us into going on a cruise with them, well wasn't too hard to do. We needed to get away. She spoke of a website called,, the type of site you bid on a vacation you would like to go on. Your maximum bid you are willing to pay, certain dates. Bid away, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We bid on our cruise, for the same time as theirs. We won ours also, and it was two dollars cheaper than hers. Our Cruise on Celebrity Cruise Line; amazing, this ship was wonderful in every way. Sky Auction, works the same way as ebay. Putting in your top bid your willing to pay. You are able to up the money amount, if you choose to. Some if not a lot of the vacation deals, can be last minute types. I believe our Ship was set to sail in 6 to 8 weeks. That isn't always the case, you might find better deals that way. I can not complain about on thing about Sky Auction. Destinations and Cruise Ship were exactly as shown. All the paper work needed, was prompt. This Cruise and the website will always, stay with me. In my mind, in pictures. All 'Great' memories. I will turn to this site for vacation in hopefully the near future.