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  • BigLipLouise By  BigLipLouise    

    Highly recommended

    I stumbled across this item at Walmart when I was in high school, I have really bad eczema outbreaks and only thing that ever worked for me was Medical grade creams. However this was a game changer, I also use it on my baby as well and it works wonder for him!

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  • Pompbella By  Pompbella    

    Eczema cure

    My babies always had such dry skin.. Lotions are so greasy. They loved these soaks and their dry skin cured right up after every use

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  • parentwithoutamanual By  parentwithoutamanual    

    Works so well

    I use this on my toddler when she has eczema break outs and it works wonders. My daughter seems so much less itchy after bathing in this treatment. The price is excellent though the product isn't always easy to find on store shelves!

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  • Mhanna416 By  Mhanna416    

    I used this when I got chicken picks and it really soothed my smithy skin. Would use just to have a me night to pamper my self

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  • jxing75 By  jxing75    

    I have eczema and aveeno products especially this one really helps with the itching. I like how it doesn't a strong order, it's also now greasy. It's actually very soothing and I use it along other Aveeno products like there bodywash, body lotion and occasionally there oatmeal bath. Highly recommend

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  • Des_95 By  Des_95    

    its a great product and really helps with mild skin conditions, I recommend it to anyone

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  • Sdyer13 By  Sdyer13    

    This product is great for when you get dry, itchy skin like in the winter.

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  • jamie79 By  jamie79    

    My baby suffers from very bad skin irritation and this is one of very few products we have found to soothe him . my poor guys have eczema so very itchy irritated skin but this helps them to feel better and fall asleeep so much quicker love it

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  • Alexandra_Aranas By  Alexandra_Aranas    

    These oatmeal bath treatments have helped with a lot of things. When I broke out in hives from an allergic reaction it's soothed the irritation of the rash, reduced the bumps, an stopped the itch! It's also great for just having a relaxing bath treatment! Amazing product!

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  • Cyrus_momma By  Cyrus_momma    

    I love this product! A good girlfriend bought this product to treat her very dry skin, she was very happy with the results so much so that she convinced me to try the product which I was very happy with the way that it made my VERY DRY skin feel so much better without leaving the thick film that other products have left on my skin! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great product for their skin!

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  • jrob0210 By  jrob0210    

    I use this for my child who has eczema and it works great to soothe him when he has a flare up.

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  • Colibeth By  Colibeth    

    I keep Aveeno bath treatments on hand, it's great for treating dry or irritated skin.

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  • Lannah86 By  Lannah86    

    i used it for my daughter. I liked it made her skin feel so soft

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  • Kalimama By  Kalimama    

    Having 3 children with eczema, this is a staple in our household. Works wonders on sensitive skin.

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  • nikkiried By  nikkiried    

    If you have a rash or other skin problems, this is great to use!

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