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Kiss Nail Dress

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Stickers for your nails!

These were extremely easy to put on and stay on without peeling for weeks. While the patterns and colors are a bit flashy for fingernails, they are perfect for toenails during the summertime.

Love using these for my pedicure...they last a long time and I like having my toes dressed all year long.. Easy to use and best price. Not much fuss and easy to correct. They give you alot of stickers that can be cut down to fit and plentiful for a few pedicures.

Love Love Love the Kiss Nail Dress kit!! It comes with all the tools needed for fancy nails!! I actually did a pedicure on myself and my niece with these kits and we both loved it!! It stayed on for weeks before starting to peel and that is longer than any other kinds I have tried. If you want fancy nails at a good price, I would suggest you try out Kiss Nail Dress kit today!!

I LOVE these. I ended up taking them off after 12 days just because I wanted a change, they still looked as good as when I first put them on. I have a toddler so having time for my nails to dry doesn't always happen and no matter what brand it seems to chip right away. I plan on buying more when I see another pattern that I like.

It's funny how I am currently wearing one of these right now. I bought the leopard print one. Everyone in school is in love with them, they thought that I had gone to the nail salon.

I love these they are so easy to put on and actually stay on

The easiest nail stickers/manicure on the market. These are so easy to apply, just peel and stick! The directions are clear, simple, and easy to understand. They leave you looking like you have a fancy expensive manicure. I really love how neat they look. And when I went to remove them all I had to do was peel them off. It was easy and mess free.

Kiss nail dress is fun to use. My daughter also likes to use them .They can last about a week. It's like stickers for your nails easy and quick to use.

These are great & really cute! Sometimes it can take a few applications to get the hang of putting them on unless you have someone experienced to help you out with some tips such as peeling them slowly from their backing and applying them the same way to your fingernail. Also, a clear top coat will help them last for a very long time!

I first used these about 5 months ago, and have been hooked ever since! I love all the colors, patterns & designs available. I either use them to cover my entire nail, (which is great because there is no dry time involved), or I will cut out designs and apply them over nail polish...which allows you to be creative & looks like you spent a lot of money in the salon. I also use them on my toes for spectacular pedicures. I do highly reccomend using 2 coats of a clear top coat to make your results last longer.

Love it! I used it on my toes and they stayed in for 3 weeks before the first one started to come up. Unlike they info packet states, they are kind of tricky to remove and leave a gross sticky residue. Which took a lot of remover to come off. And they were a b*tch to put on some of my toes. Lol. But for $6 what can you say. I'm definitely goin to buy More!

I must admit, out of all the goodies in my 2012 Holiday VoxBox, THIS was the item I couldn't wait to test most of all. Why? Because I am obsessed with my nails?and not for the reasons you might think. You see, for most of my life I couldn't grow my nails worth a darn. They'd chip, crack, split, rip, and break off whenever I tried adding the least little bit of length to them. It was only at the end of 2012, when I discovered the awesome power of natural gelatin capsules, that my nails did a complete one-eighty to the point where I could actually enjoy decorating them again. Enter Kiss® Nail Dress?, which retails for $6.99 at most stores, and suddenly I'm in manicure heaven! Nail Dress really is the ultimate fashion accessory for tips and toes. It is easy to do too: just peel, apply, clip to fit, and shape with an emery board or nail file. (Hint: Make sure your nails are clean and polish free for better adhesion.) Skip the topcoat, Kiss Nail Dress has it built right in. The results last up to a week and look so amazing your friends will swear you spent $40-$50 at a professional nail salon instead of the 15 minutes it will take to give yourself a mani/pedi at home. Best of all, Kiss Nail Dress comes in 21 different styles, many of them featuring 3-dimensional designs with cute little faux-jewels that glitter in the sunlight like precious gemstones. To remove, peel off slowly. No smelly acetone required. I simply can't say enough good things about this fantastic product. Once you try it, you won't be able to deny it. It's that good. BOTTOM LINE: Kiss nailed it! 

easy for when you are ever on a go

Kiss Nail Dress are very fun and noticeable stickers for your nails. Mine were able to stay on for over the 10 days the product says they will stay on. They were easy for me to apply. The do not look like stickers when they are on your nails. They look like really cool art. They come in a variety of designs. They are good for when you want something different and fun for your nails. I received many compliments on mine. They are hard not too notice.