Tommee Tippee  4 oz Bottle

Tommee Tippee 4 oz Bottle

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I'm torn on these...They were way to fast for my newborn (and we used the newborn nipples) she was constantly spitting milk out of the sides of her mouth. They are super easy to clean and she never had gas with these, the wording wears off after washing and the bottles are hard for baby to hold. I was so excited to buy these and use them but i was very dissappointed. A

Not worth the hassle These were awful bottles when we tried to use them. They leaked. My kids fought using them. We ended up throwing them away.

Bad bottle Did like it at all, the nipple up was too tight and my baby couldn't eat. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately.

I bought a lot of these as they had a "natural feel" nipple to them that resembled the breast. I found as my daughter began to eat more, these seemed to leak quite a bit. We also experienced hiccups more frequently when we would use these to feed my daughter. I wanted so badly to like these bottles but they just didn't work very well for our little girl. I ended up getting rid of them and switched to Dr. Brown's.

Tried on second grandson because while mom was working I fed him the breast milk , he didn't really like these went to Mam brand like his pacifiers and, it work he took to the bottle much better .

I like how it is easy for me to hold the bottle. However, I tried this to my daughter and she did not like it. I like that it is not expensive but it did not work out with my baby.

I thought this bottle was okay until it leaked every where on my son.

I bought these bottles and was disappointed. They are basic bottles with a premium price. I got rid of them and purchased MAM bottles and am much happier.

Flow too fast! I really liked the wide top opening. I didn't like that the lowest level nipple flowed so fast it made my son choke and gave him awful hiccups.

Im going to give my honest thought on these from experience..i really dont like these bottles and my baby didnt care for them as well..i thought it would be good because of the shape and size of nipple but the bottles leaked so much for me.

Love the shape of the bottles very light and easy to clean but I didn't like that the nipples collapse or sink in when baby is drinking so had to stop using

Slows the flow of formula I like these bottles because they slow down how fast my grandaughter drinks her formula so she gets less gas but the shape isn't my favorite. The shape makes them feel clunky is the best way I can describe it.

My son started out with these bottles. They were.... OK! We had a problem with them collapsing while he was drinking and getting milk everywhere! As long as we made sure the air vent part of the nipple was pointed upwards it was fine. That's hard to do when he started holding his own bottle and moving it.


When I first researched bottles for our registry a lot of moms recommended these ones. At first I liked them but then as she started eating more and more they leaked horribly. Our daughter was on the small side and had a tiny mouth so these might work better for others.