The First Years  Cars Potty Seat with Step Stool

The First Years Cars Potty Seat with Step Stool

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I had this product for my daughter when she was a toddler (pink girly one) and I loved it! It was a potty and a stepping stool ,mans the handle makes a flushing noise. Super cute.

Cute potty My oldest had a potty that made noise when he went but it was sensitive and made sounds when he sat down. So we bought the cars potty. My son loved to flush after he finished and I loved that it doubles as a step so he could reach the sink

Years of use. We bought this item 4 years ago for my son. We still have it and he uses it as a step stool since it doubles as both.

My son has a cars potty similar to this and really loves it he just hasn't gotten the whole potty thing down yet but he loves to take apart his potty and stand on it

My son had this one but in Mickey Mouse, it did the job but was quite annoying sometimes when it would come apart.

I bought the minnie mouse potty for my granddaughter she love to use it and we have a wonderful time going to potty together she likes the Hooray handle I got it at a higher but reasonable price at Burlington Coat Factory. Awesome

This potty was a waste of money for us. Our son is more interested in taking apart the many pieces to this seat. He also gets scared when the sound goes off which makes him stand up and urinate on the floor. We found a better option in a seat that only had 2 parts and didn't do anything extra.

I was disappointed to find that the boy's shield is way too low and it virtually ineffective. Until I can teach my grandson to aim, I will have to continue cleaning the bathroom every time he goes potty in this chair.

i bought this for my two year old son. He is thrilled that it has lightening McQueen on it and loves that pulling the handle makes engine noises. In most aspects this is just like every other potty chair out there with the exception that it makes it a little fun for the child to play with the handle while sitting on it. I do find that the grey shield/seat liner easily moves when our little guy sits down causing the potential for him to overshoot the seat if hes not paying attention.

We started potty training with a child that is using sign language as well as limited speech to communicate. He is 2 and knows the sign for potty and the sign for this potty seat is perfect for a special child. Also in this review I want to add for other children, on the side of the potty seat there is a handle that looks like a gear shift, when it pulled/pushed it makes the sound of a car racing. The seat comes apart to attach to the toilet and the base becomes a step to help little ones reach the big potty. It has been a wonderful addition to our family and I just had to let other parents know that their children could really benefit form this potty seat.