Be Koool Cooling Gel Sheets

Be Koool Cooling Gel Sheets

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I bought these for my son when he had Hand, Foot, and Mouth and a 103 fever. He would not leave them on. I did give one to my 13 year old brother a few weeks ago to use while battling the flu and he thought it worked quite well.

Good product My kids seem to like them. Not sure if it actually works. But they believed it did

When my 3 year old had a fever, we gave these a try. He doesnt like ice packs & thinks they're too cold but he used these just fine. Love them, easy to keep on hand.

My little boy loves this! He really doesn't like taking medicine for any ills or pains. When I saw this product, I told him this was made just for little kids so they can feel better. He wasn't feeling well recently and remembered we had this in the cabinet. He was anxious to open it and put one on. It really did help his temperature go down.

Bought these for our LO during a fever caused by vaccine shots.They cooled his lil forehead for a while but he wanted to peel it off to see the design on it.They do stay on and the squishy gel stays cool for a while as well.Good to have in the frige just in case!

These were really great when my daughter would bump her head, I would put them on there and it really did help her feel better.

Super helpful when my son had fever because of teething and when he had hand foot mouth disease.

We used then on my little girl when she broke out in a fever. My main goal wasn't to cool her face down, but to soothe her - which it did immediately. She sat with this sticky pad on her forehead and rested comfortably for a bit.

I even like them for myself! I love these! They are so handy and believe it or not I used them on myself when I had a bad headache and it made me feel so much better. And I even reused them! Great to have in the house for everyone!

I LOVE these cooling pads. They help to decrease the fever and soothes my children when I do have to use them. Helps replace the cooling cloths that you have to keep replacing each time the cloth warms.

I LOVE these. My son has been using them for AGES now and they work wonders!! He keeps them on at night and they aren't too cold. I do think they help more with high grade than low and especially well with VERY bad fever. My son ran 103.2 awhile back and my husband and I used these babies to bring it down. Worked SO well. Thank god! I only wish they had MORE to a pack and adult sized ones! Like with Game of Thrones on them to make me feel better! "Winter came" lol

I used this when my baby had the flu at 6 months, she loved it!

I use these when I have migraines. They really help!

Orginally these were bought for a friend's sick child, then we ended up buying them for the office and to send to a friend serving in afganistan. The adhesive is strong but gentle (stays put but doesn't hurt like a bandaid). They are aimed at fever reduction but work great for days the AC in the office dies to help stay cool, great for headaches too!

These are so great when the kids get sick and you need to keep them cool to keep their fever down. They really do work well and help drop their temperature to the normal level wonderfully while keeping them in a safe, comfortable and cozy environment at the same time.