Dingo Mini Jerky Chicken Chew Chips

Dingo Mini Jerky Chicken Chew Chips

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I used to feed my dogs the Dingo brand until I read China on the bag. My husband and I have agreed, no food products from all the bad news and recalls they have had on food items. I now only give our dog, made in the USA treats and food.

Dingo chicken mini jerky chips many years ago i used to buy the Dingo products. however, they are all made in China. many have been recalled over the years. i would not trust any of these products. you dont know where the chicken came from, where it was sourced and with all of the problems with pet items from China i would not buy any of their products. they are also very hard to chew for small dogs. small dogs can break or chip their teeth on these.

My dogs refused to eat these,so I put them out for strays.

DINGO MINI JERKY CHEWZ CHICKEN CHIPS are made from 100 percent chicken breast fillets. I recently received a sample of JERKY CHEWS CHICKEN CHIPS for my dog and she went nuts for them! What dog wouldn't go nuts over a dog treat that is made from 100% chicken breast filet? This is a treat that you will feel good about feeding your dog. There are no fillers or byproducts in DINGO JERKY CHEWS CHICKEN CHIPS. There are no artificial colors either. If you like to give your dog a treat that is high in protein, consider Dingo Jerky Chewz Chicken Chips. These mini chewz are ideal for small breed dogs. They can be used as a treat or for training your dog. My dog gave me a high five on these treats. She gobbled it down and immediately asked for another. She would have eaten the whole bag of DINGO MINI JERKY CHEWZ CHICKEN CHIPS if she could have gotten the bag and opened it herself. DINGO JERKY CHEWZ remind me of beef jerky, since they are made of 100% chicken, they look good enough for a human to eat! No kidding. It comes in 3.2 , 5.5, 12 & 26 OZ sizes. Look for DINGO MINI CHEWZ JERKY CHICKEN CHIPS at Petco, Target, Meijer and other grocery stores. Petco sells the 12 oz bag of Mini Dingo Jerky Chewz Chicken Chips for $16.99.

My doggo loves these he knows when im opening up the bag and comes running.

My dog loves to "bury" treats around the house. But not these! These she eats right away!