Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

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Sounds better than it tastes This sounded good, but the taste just missed the mark. It's very sweet and artificial tasting. It has a strange chemical like taste.

Artificial to the max Too sweet,too chemically,taste like they have no natural ingredients at all

Yummy!! I love these! They are some of my favorite cookies! Either my mom or my sister get them for my birthday.

Two of my favorites Honestly I haven't tried these yet, but they sound amazing. I love Oreos and I love birthday cake. Can't wait to try these.

Not my taste, but love Oreos Too sweet, did not like these. I always try the new products of a company that I already purchase from.

This is My love for Life! I am not much of an Oreo fan, I'll eat it if its around but never bought my own. I decided to try the Birthday Cake Oreos after seeing them at CVS. I like birthday cake flavor whatevers so thought I would like these. I LOVE THESE COOKIES. I can eat a whole package in a day or two, its so good. I hope they never discontinue this because these are the best Oreos Ive ever had. They got me for life if they keep this product on the shelfs.

Okay, but not the best It's an ok Oreo, but if you really want a birthday cake Oreo, go for the one that is the white cookie birthday cake Oreo.

Birthday Cake Oeros These Oreos taste a little too buttery to me. I prefer the regular dounless stuffed Oreos myself.

No thank you Did not enjoy. The cream has a weird chemical taste. I wanted to like this variety because original is always a winner. Only at two cookies to tree and left the rest in the break room at work.

cake cake cake. Dude, I LOVE these oreos, I didn't think you could make oreos any better, and then they blew my mind with these. Personally, I'm not even a fan of birthday cake, but these oreos are just so perfect, like they took the soul out of the cake and layed it between the oreos, just delicious! If you haven't had birthday cake oreos, you're missing out!

I wasn't happy with these, the cake batter flavor was just strange and not very good. I like the original the best.

These are so good. The blend of the birthday cake ingredients with the top cookie is uuum uuum good. My 18 year old son loves them to and when he makes milk shakes he add a few in the blender and creates a Oreo Birthday Cake Milkshake. I tried it and it was good.

This is surprisingly pretty good. The whole family loves it.

These are really good and my children enjoy them but nothing beats the original oreos

The taste of these Oreos could had been better. I didn't taste much birthday cake flavor in them. Also, the packaging is too small for me to buy all the time. If the company wants to make any type of profit off these, they should really consider to bring out a better tasting kind and a bigger package. The price, on sale or not, is not really that attractive with how small the packaging is. I am currently undecided on whether or not to recommend these to anyone.