Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Leave in Conditioner

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Leave in Conditioner

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I love suave. I've always use suave I love it my hair is smooth and it smells so good. For my hair suave works best.

I have extremely curly and coarse hair and have difficulty finding products that will tame the frizz and define my curls. This product works amazingly, I apply it to my damp hair along with the serum from the same line and a little argan oil and it smooths my hair and defines my curls very well. It leaves my hair feeling softer and more manageable.

Makes hair straight

This worked great on my wavy and frizzy hair. I love it!

I love this stuff! My hair is so frizzy after washing and drying, but when I use the keratin leave in conditioner there is no frizz in sight and it leaves my hair so soft. It has a pleasant scent and a hint of shimmer to add some fun affects.

I *Love* this stuff! I bought it on a recommendation and was not at all disappointed!! So far I have used it when wet before blow drying to straighten my hair, and also when wet to use when air-drying, and finishing with the diffuser attachment! It really does smooth the cuticle, get rid of frizz, and combat overall "poofy" hair for us girls with a lot of that hair that likes to poof and frizz in all the wrong ways! I love this stuff! And the best part, it's readily available in the drugstores and grocery stores, and it's extremely reasonable!! A wonderful product! I couldn't recommend it more! :)

Never have I thought that I would like a product as this! I usually straighten out my hair, but when I have this, I use it in my hair when its damp and put my hair up in a bun and when it gets dried, I take my bun apart and dont have to brush my hair cause my curls look really pretty! I dont even need to use a curling iron. If I want it straight, it looks really shiny! This stuff works good!!!

A great inexpensive hair product! My only con with this product is that there are fine glitters in the formula. It isn't a big deal, but it did take me by surprise. I heat-style my hair and color it frequently and this product makes my grass-like ends feel soft again!

I like this MUCH better than the actual keratin conditioner that Suave has. I'm not sure why, but the leave-in version keeps your hair from getting that horrible waxy-feel afterwards. I like to make sure my hair is as dry as possible before putting it in and then apply it to the underside of my hair and mix in from underneath. This will prevent it from making the top of your hair look greasy for any reason. When I do this, my hair feels silky-smooth all day! I have curlyish-wavyish hair, and for me to be able to run my hand through my hair without hitting a snag, it's a real treat!

I Bought this product been using for a week now.. and i love it it leaves my hair soft and smelling good...

I got the coupon to try out this conditioner, and to my great surprise it was wonderful on my hair. they were smooth and silky.

Love this product my hair gets so tangled and dehydrated after the shower but as soon as I get out it's an amazing thing just to put this leave'in conditioner and leave it not have to worry my hair ooks amazing no frizzyness and its not oily. AMAZING

I worked in a salon for a few years and have tried many expensive hair products. The Suave Professionals line is amazing! Suave's Keratin Infusion Oil will leave your hair soft,smooth,shiny and manageable! Plus it smells good too! :) I recommend trying it!

i used this once but i did not like it at all