Dr.Seuss The Sneetches

Dr.Seuss The Sneetches

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I enjoyed this book as a kid and as an adult. It is my firm belief that this is truly one of the most important books to ever be published, because of the valuable lessons it continually teaches us. I'm overwhelmed by the power of what just a few colorful pictures and letters bound together by cardboard can do There are many factors involved when reading The Sneetches. Obviously, an adult should read this book with a broader view on certain topics not up to but including racism, materialism, imperialism and diplomacy. What Seuss' Sneetches teaches us is that whether or not green stars are on their bellies or not is rather a silly reason to mistreat or disenfranchise other Sneetches who don't have such things. The way in which the Green-starred Sneetches carried themselves with their chins in the air and their uppity-attitude is the much the same way in which those who think they are more "privileged" than others carry themselves. What Seuss is teaching us is that it is silly to make such irrelevant fusses about trivial things because we are all components of the human race. The Sneetches is in fact a children's book that normally should be read to and given to children by parents, doesn't it make sense that parents should share this book with their children? Shouldn't Dr. Seuss' message be conveyed to the tender minds of children? I believe so and I hope you do too. Thank you so much for letting me share this with you.