Laura Joffe Numeroff If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Laura Joffe Numeroff If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

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It's a classic! I love this series of books. They are packed with great language for young to older kids, the stories and fun and interesting. I've been reading them to my kids at school and home for over a decade

True Classic that's too cute! A forever classic that will never get old, it teaches the lesson if you give someone an inch they'll take a mile ..cute and one of my daughter's favorite of all times!

My favorite as a child! My mom had this whole series for me, and they were one of my favorite books! Super cute and silly.

Cookies I read this book all the time as a kid. I highly recommend this for kids out there!

Classic a favorite for all age kids I remembered this book in school and I had to have it for my kids little or bigger kids and it's a good topic for order ones.

My kids and I both love this book. It's just so much fun. There are now lots of versions of it, so make sure to look for those too!

Children love this book This book is so cute. Children love to repeat phrases with you as you read this book.

Laura Joffe Numeroff If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a great read for kids and has good illustrations. It is a classic for a reason.

A whimsical tale This was my 20-year-olds favorite book and now a favorite of my 5-year-olds. The repetition and silly nature of this book makes it a favorite for kids and parents alike.

One of our favorites My daughter has always loved this book. She's even read the ones that came after, and every time a new one os released.

So Much Fun! I absolutely love this book! It is so cute and so much fun to read at any age. I think anyone, no matter their age, can relate and find the humor in this clever little story.

If you give me this book, I'll want another :) I have always loved this book. It's a fun read. But you'll need a cookie.

One of my most favorite books to read to the kids that I used to have in Daycare!!!

I love this book for my kids. They read it repeatedly, its one of their favorites. It's easy, yet fun for them to read. There are even printable activities you can get online to go along with this book. Very cute!

As a senior in college studying education, I found myself loving this book. I grew up hating reading, and to this day, there are many other things that I would rather do than to read. This book is a great and easy read. It is awesome to read with children, and you are able to get kids involved with the story. You can have kids create their own version of the book, and from experience the kids love it!!! There are millions of children's books to choose from, but this book is a MUST HAVE!