Dr. Seuss My Many Colored Days

Dr. Seuss My Many Colored Days

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While not a traditional 'Dr. Seuss' book, it is powerful in its own way and one of my favorites. He associates colors with the different moods we feel and it is a priceless book!

My daughter had me read this to her every night for several months when she was 3. She is now almost 5, and last week, when asked to bring a Dr. Seuss book in for show-and-tell, she grabbed this one. Dr. Seuss profoundly addressed emotions in such a pure, simple yet entertaining way in this book, and not in his typical Seuss style. He waited 20 years to commit this book to print, because he wanted to find the right artist to illustrate his words. Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher may not be as well known as Dr. Seuss, but without them, this book would not be as inspiring, dramatic and beautiful as it is.

This is a valuable resource that I use with my students at school. I teach social skills to students with disabilities and this book has been great for helping them to understand their emotions. They are always engaged and excited when I pull this gem out to share!

An innovative and unusual book by Dr. Seuss; using a colorful array of animals to portray feelings while staying true to his recognizable rhyming scheme. This book is a timeless gem for children and Seuss fans of all ages. The color associations simply explain and express how anyone may feel on any given day and gives children words to express any feelings they may have. It also shows that it is okay to be different. This book has helped my two year old share his emotions by telling us that he is having a busy ?yellow day? or a slow sluggish ?brown day?! Thanks Dr. Seuss!