Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go!

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Inspiring This book is such a sweet book. It?s a great book to read no matter how old you are.

the best for gift This is the best gift I've ever received for my birthday in school. The book not only entertains but also enriches my knowledge and imagination. It's like opening a door to countless adventures and discoveries with every turn of the page. It's a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration that I'll cherish for years to come.

Book I Cherish I got this book for my high school graduation and still love it. It was the great encouragement I needed for my journey to begin.

GREATEST CHILDREN ADULT BOOK EVER WRITTEN i have been giving this book away to summer interns in my department that leave to go back to school for their last year of business school. This book says it all!

Gift idea for children, graduates, and adults Every year, we buy a bunch of these books and write uplifting quotes and scripture on every page. We then give a copy to each graduate at our church. Especially this year, I think we could all use a little extra encouragement. Small children also love this book as the bright colors are extremely inviting!

I love this book, I got it for my first grand son and its become his favorite

Love Dr. Seuss! Great book for a young child or a graduate. Fun rhymes and quirky illustrations make this a joy to read for all ages.

Graduation gift Love this book. Received a copy when I graduated high school.

excellent. applicable to life. I discovered it at my 19 years old and I still read it sometimes because it is a charming, playful, but serious book. the drawings are so visually stimulating.

Classic Book I love this book it is such a classic I have given it as a graduation gift for high school and college and have given it as a baby gift You really can not go wrong with this book in my opinion

All time favorite Dr Seuss This is one of the best children's books ever written. It stimulates their imagination and tells them anything is possible. I read this to both of my children and to my granddaughter and they all loved it.

Classics are good go-tos! A wonderful Dr. Seuss classic! I have read this book to my children, my students when I used to teach, and we still have the book on our book shelf!

the places you will go We love Dr. Suess, and this book is the best and most funny book to read to your child. for the places you will go. teaches great value.

Amazing Book!! My children and I love this book! Its one of many amazing story's by Dr.Seuss. It sends a wonderful message to readers of all ages about the places they will go in life. If you haven't read this book your truly missing out!!!

This is my favorite book! I recently bought it for my daughter and read it to her. She is too young to understand the meaning behind it, but as a parent, they couldn't have made a better book. I have so many Dr. Suess books and each one usually has a good meaning or lesson behind them.