Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Truffle

Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Truffle

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Pure deliciousness Chocolate heaven! So incredibly delicious! These are my hide from my family Chocolates lol

Heavenly I love these. I keep buying them and bringing them to work so I won't eat them all. They are smooth and creamy.

GHIRARDELLI SQUARES GHIRARDELLI SQUARES are the perfect size. I really enjoy the soft centers....especially caramel.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Ghirardelli Chocolate is the best. Honestly, Ghirardelli could make any combination and I would try it.

This is one of my favorite chocolate brands. i really love that you can taste the high quality, and that it comes in the perfect size.

This is one of my favorite chocolate brands. You can taste the high quality, and I love the packaging. They make great "just because" gifts, too!

taste delicious Ghirardelli chocolates are absolutely amazing.They make some unique flavors and even they taste good.

Way too sweet hurts my teeth just thinking about the one time i tried it.

Divine Candy Absolutely divine, Delicious, and to die for. This is one of my absolute favorite brands of chocolate candy. Its so much better than its cheaper competitors. It has just the right amount of each ingredient and melts right in your mouth. Its a must try so don't you miss out and deny yourself this simple pleasure.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Ghirardelli Chocolate is the creamiest, smoothest brand on the market! All flavors, absolutely delicious !

My absolute favorite chocolate. Taste like heaven. :)

#1 Recommened Chocolate The chocolate basically melts in your mouth and is so good. My favorite chocolate ever !! ❤️

Delightful treat! Creamy, flavorful treat. Good grade of chocolate that is creamy and flavorful. The chocolate is smooth. Nuts are crunchy and fresh. Good value.

Delicious sweetness and smooth, silky mouth feel. Would buy again.

as usual, these chocolates are absolutely delicious!!