Diana Gabaldon Outlander

Diana Gabaldon Outlander

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If your an avid book reader like me you will love Outlander! Its a series of 7 books soon to be 8. It's difficult to explain or categorize this book but its the ultimate love story and then some. There is history, fantasy, love, war, death, suspense and anything else you can imagine, this book has got it. Each book is about 700 to 800 pages. Its not often we come across books that can make our minds feel so alive and Outlander most definitely does this. When I came across the book I didn't know what to expect, I had never heard of the author or the series. I just opened the book and read. I'm glad I did! SPOILER ALERT: If you are someone like me who doesn't want to know what to expect then don't read the summary! I think a book like this works best without any previous knowledge of what it may be about; however to be fair to those who need a summary before they read I have put in a summary. So to all the readers who are like me, my advice is to get your hands on a copy and just read it, you will not regret it! As for those who wish to know more about the book, I don't know how to best describe the summary because I feel like I may mess it up, so instead I have included a detailed summary as told by the author from her webpage: "In 1946, after WWII, a young Englishwoman named Claire Beauchamp Randall goes to the Scottish Highlands with her husband, Frank. She's an ex-combat nurse, he's been in the army as well, they've been separated for the last six years, and this is a second honeymoon; they?re getting re-acquainted with each other, thinking of starting a family. But one day Claire goes out walking by herself, and comes across a circle of standing stones'such circles are in fact common all over northern Britain. She walks through a cleft stone in the circle?.and disappears. Back into 1743, where the first person she meets is a gentleman in an 18th-century army officer's uniform. This gentleman, Jack Randall, looks just like her husband Frank?and proves to be Frank's six-times-great-grandfather. Unfortunately, he also proves to be a sadistic bisexual pervert, and while trying to escape from him, Claire falls into the hands of a gang of Highland Scots, who are also trying to get away from Black Jack Randall'though for other reasons. In order to avoid being handed over to Captain Randall, Claire is obliged to marry one of the young clansmen. So she finds herself trying to escape from Castle Leoch and her Scottish captors, trying to get back to her husband Frank, trying to avoid being recaptured by Captain Randall?and falling in love with Jamie Fraser, the young man she's been forced to marry. The story rolls on from there?" ITS TRULY A GREAT BOOK, SO GOOD THAT THE HOLD IN MY LOCAL LIBRARY ARE CRAZY LONG! I INTEND ON BUYING THE BOOKS AND ITS A GOOD IDEA FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO READ THE WHOLE SERIES. THIS WILL FOREVER BE ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS! The Outlander Series in Order Outlander Dragonfly in Amber Voyager Drums of Autumn The Fiery Cross A Breath of Snow and Ashes An Echo in the Bone Written in My Own Heart's Blood (Out in 2013)

What can I say about this book... it is just so amazing!! It starts out slow, the first couple of chapters are not that interesting but once you get past them the story picks up and never lets you go. It will take you back in time and draw you into the characters lives. Jamie and Claire are just such a wonderful love story. I don't want to give away anything of the plot in my review, but I just want to say that it is truly amazing and that if you read it you will not be sorry! I have recommended this to so many friends and when they would finish it they always come to me just amazed and so happy that I got them hooked on this series. GO and pick up a copy of Outlander, you won't be sorry!