Z The Gossip Ghouls: Zombies and Lipstick

Z The Gossip Ghouls: Zombies and Lipstick

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Gossip Ghouls: Zombie & Lipstick by Z A fun book, I'm not certain where I picked it up. It's on my kindle and seemed interesting so I decided to read it today while I had some free time. It's kind of a mix between Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Paris Hilton's life. The book is a quick read the only downfall is if you don't know all the designer names because they are dropped like candy constantly throughout the book. There is so much cattiness, betrayal, backstabbing, vindictiveness throughout the book you are never sure who is on who's side. The love story is between two zombies. The main character Z (who is also tagged as the writer of the book) is the main protagonist of the story and the supposed svior of the undead. All the characters are high school students. So the only thing I had a small problem with was the slight unbelievabilty. I don't live in a billionaires world so I guess I can believe the other half really has that kind of crazy power and corruption. The author has a giant imagination and each chapter is so thought out and so much energy. She reaally thinks a lot about high school students with unlimited funds would exact revenge against each other. It's a fun teen paranormal read. Pick it up for a weekend and then maybe have a Gossip Girl marathon with friends.