Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One

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All of his books are wonderfully written.

Nicholas Sparks is what I read to cool down. I can read this in a short period and I don't think too hard. But they always emotionally cleanse me somehow. I am not a romance novel girl, but something about Nicholas Sparks' writing touches me. It's not really romance. It's love. Real, painful, messy, beautiful, true, love.

I really liked this book. I read it in anticipation of the upcoming movie. It is a story where a picture ( or a belief) can save your life. One mans journey across the country on foot to find the woman in the picture. The ups and downs and the happily ever after ending.

Nicholas Sparks never fails when it comes to writing a love story that warms the heart and touches the soul. I am unsure about how the movie will turn out but this book is a winner all around.

Nicholas Sparks never fails when it comes to his writing! He is a great writer! The way he writes love stories and the anticipation with it as well is lovely! I love anything he writes!

Great writer Nicholas Sparks is my favorite writer! I have read everything he has written and seen every movie that has been made from his books. His books never disappoint ever...