Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure

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I did not like these =( they look VERY un-natural on your nails. and they peel off after doing dishes a few times.

I love the different colors and designs and trendy styles these press on nails have but I hate that they don't last very long. After about 30 minutes of applying these nails they started to fall off. Then I had to reapply them using super glue and then they lasted a good 2 weeks

I was really excited when I finally took that give in to buy these but I was sadly not too impressed at all. I really love all the different and various designs these have, it gives a variety for anyone. However, the nails did not last a 'week' like advertised. I had them for about 3 days before some started coming off. So, even though it is easy to apply and they are really pretty, not too happy that they fell off pretty fast.

I thought these looked small, but they still weren't small enough for my tiny little baby fingers. Haa. I had to cut and file forever. They only stayed on for like two days. These would be good for the weekend. I LOVE the designs! Cute packaging too.

(As seen on their website) "The Revolutionary Way To Apply Polish." + No drying time + Superior, lasting shine + Easy removal + Lasts up to a week Everything that they say is true except for the very last point. They're easy to put on and look fabulous, require no drying time and no glue (yay, no mess!) but they came off in under a week. They started getting un-sticky in about 2-3 days, which prompted me to take them off (quick and painless) and put new ones on. I wouldn't recommend these if you're hoping for something better/cheaper than a salon manicure. I WOULD, however, recommend these nails if you have a party to go to or plan on having a fun-filled weekend.

the first time i used these they didnt last long. after i got a complimentary set the second time around it went better. they lasted me more than a week. they are nice. they come in a variety of colors and designs. they also dont damage my nails so that is a huge plus!

I won a set of these for a Facebook promotion, these are great for an event like a wedding, party.. there easy to apply and they lasted for me for about 7 days not the 10 it says but I use my hands a lot, they have lovely colors and designs and the price form 5-8 dollars it great again the only con is if you use your hands a lot your not getting 10 days but all and all they are worth it!

Love these! Great for getting amazing looking nails in no time at all. I have no issues with finding the right sizes for my nails. They stay on my nails for a few days as well. Would be great for any special occasion.

I'm really horrible at doing my nail and that's why I love imPRESS nails. I find them really easy to apply and I've been asked where I got them done. They come in many colors and I can't wait to try the new accent nails. The only reason that I didn't give them 5 stars is because sometime the nails fall off after only a little use and I kinda with they came in different shapes, like almond or just round.

This nails surprised me because of the fact that they stayed on longer than I thought they would. They lasted about 5 days and then they started to come off. I really liked the variety of patterns they have since I love to have interesting nails. These nails are good for someone who doesn't work with food or dishwashing otherwise they will fall off easier.

I was given this product to test and review by Influenster. I received the press-on manicure in the color Dancing Queen, which is a zebra print. The packaging is really cute. They come in a plastic nail polish container. They come in 24 nail covers in 12 sizes. The package states they last up to a week; when applied properly. Application is very fast and easy. All you do is find the correct size to match your nail, pull adhesive tab and press on. There is no filing or gluing involved. It takes less than 10 minutes to turn plain nails into a beautiful trendy manicure. imPress press on manicure comes in solid colors and prints. I put my set on Saturday evening and today is Thursday and my manicure still looks fab. I have cleaned my house,done laundry,unbuckled car seats,peeled oranges,peeled labelss,cooked and have not had any pop-off's. Needless to say, I am happy with this product and will buy again.!!

I have been using these press on nails for almost 2 years. I bought them to try out for my work Christmas party in 2011 and I am totally hooked! I needed to get my nails done fast and didn't have time for a manicure. I figured if they lasted the night they would be worth it. These nails stayed on for 10 days! It is really easy for me to find the nails that fit, and they are so fast and easy to apply. My average has consistently been 7 to 10 days wear. They come off easily with no damage to my real nails. I get so many compliments on the colors too. I'm even experimenting with mixing up the colors for each manicure. My nails never looked so good! I highly recommend this product.

These are AMAZING! Long lasting, bright, shiny, and not uncomfortable! You can clip and file them too! Also, realistic! They come in a wide variety of patterns and styles! LOVE THESE!