AT&T  Mobile Phone Service

AT&T Mobile Phone Service

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I really, really, really dislike AT&T. From their customer service (who have never known what is going on) to the number of dropped calls I get, to their pricing plan, to the speed my wireless works at.... just yuck. If it wasn't for the fact that we agreed to join my brother-in-law's family plan for the duration of his current contract, I would have dropped them within a month of signing up. I will never use them again.

I was with Sprint for 13 years and I loved them. Unfortunately I moved to an area where Sprint only has coverage in 7% of the state. Due to this, I had to switch to AT&T. Their coverage area is great but that's the only nice thing I can say about them. They have horrible customer service, their Web site is horrible, their plans are confusing and my bill is often wrong. I got a $309 bill from them one month due to international calls. When I told them I never called anyone in another country, they said I must have answers an incoming call. However, when this supposedly happened, I was on an airplane and my phone was turned off. After an hour, I finally got them to reverse the charges. Stay clear of them if you can. I wish I could.

This service isn't okay. I have recently went through this service and the phone rep wasn't real friendly the phone service itself is slow and coverage is very little( not like in the ads I'm afraid) and it costs more than Verizon which I was trying to get away from that high bill but I didn't.

I was migrated from Altel (whom I loved). Their rates were reasonable and their cutomer service was awesome. I can't say the same for AT&T. Too pricey and poor coverage in my area. My zip isn't even covered! I hate being stuck in a contract!! tick tock tick tock.

Poor coverage. bad customer service. Too expensive

where i live it wont work, i bit in the country

I had att but it was supposed to be unlimited internet but wasnt really went to straight talk and it is truly unlimited

Never again I have to say the only thing I like from AT&T is the coverage here in Puerto Rico. Everything else could really use some work, starting with their customer support. The plans are really pricey and even when you are a long term user they never help lower your bill. Everytime I get a bill is higher then the previous one. As soon as my contract ends I'm searching for another company.

Me and my boyfriend have been with AT&T for a couple of months now. So far, no surprises on the bill and we always have service. but I feel they are really pricey, for me and my boyfriend to share 6GB its almost $200

I love using AT&T and I have had great service for the last 7 years. I've had to call Customer Support and they could use some major improvements though.

Their plans could be better priced but they have excellent cell service and are willing to work with you and definitely like working to keep their customers. Been with them for 5 years now and don't plan on changing.

I love ATT Wireless. This is the only wireless network that works in the area I live in. It is also the only network that works when off roading in the middle of no where and in the local mountain areas.