Palm Pre Plus

Palm Pre Plus

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I am new to the smart phone scene and I have to say that, 'Once you go smartphone, you'll never want to go back to a regular cell phone!' Not only do I have the world wide web at my finger tips but it will automatically sync to your social profile accounts without you having to transfer everything over manually or have to pay to have the carrier do it. Okay, now onto the nitty-gritty of the Palm Pre Plus! Great benefits: -It's small size is perfect for a pocket, handbag, clutch or diaper bag without taking up much space. -It has a FREE mobile hot spot! Which allows you to connect up to 9 wireless devices to it's wireless network! So if you have a laptop, e-reader, iPad, iPod, or any other wireless device, and are not near a wi-fi connection, you can use your phone! Most plans charge you a monthly fee for this service but the Palm Pre Plus is FREE! -I like that it has apps that are already integrated for the Palm Pre Plus.(Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, ESPN, Verizon, Google Maps, and a Palm site for questions and answers for anything & everything. -I also love that I can see pdf files on my phone! -It's quick and has a full qwerty keyboard so I can either choose to use the touch-screen or type it on my keyboard. -It also has a handy feature that I can actually talk to someone from the Palm network when/if my phone ever has a problem and they will help me right then and there! -Love the 3G network that it uses. It's fast, reliable and has the option for me to use the 3G network or my wireless network that I have at home. -Video is pretty great and you can upload it straight to your social networking sites or right onto youtube. -Pictures can also be uploaded straight to your social networking profiles. There are some cons to the Palm Pre Plus: -The battery life. I don't get a lot of battery life especially if I am using the internet or the hotspot. -The apps aren't all that great. There are a lot of phones out there with some amazing apps. Don't get me wrong the Palm Pre Plus has apps just some that I want badly are not available on the Palm Pre Plus. Also a lot of the newer apps coming out are made for the Apple or Android markets.(I do have to say that a lot of people are coming around as far as the Palm Pre Plus is concerned.) -The charger and usb drive is an all-in-one so it makes it easy to charge your phone or upload photos or videos from your phone to computer or vice-versa. -The camera isn't as good as some of the other smartphone or cell phone cameras, but at least it has one! There are a lot of mixed reviews out there about the Palm Pre Plus and I am glad that I decided to try it for myself because I love it!