Tylenol PM

Tylenol PM

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I use the generic brand of Tylenol PM almost every night. It helps me to relax and fall asleep. It also helps with back pain or any other kind of pain you may have. It doesn't make waking up any harder for me. It's basically Tylenol with Benadryl so if you have allergies, it helps with them as well. The Benadryl is what helps me sleep.

non-drowsy pain relief I'm glad that Tylenol came out with a non-drowsy pain reducer. I recently bought this product and found it to be helpful. I was pain-free and alert for the workday.

Tylenol Tylenol PM is good for minor aches and pains at night. It helps relieve the pain so I can get to sleep.

this is what i love to use when my body aches and i need some sleep. no grogginess in the mornings after.

I used this just last night! Lower back pain was keeping me from being able to sleep. I only took one and it did the trick, was able to sleep comfortably thru the night. Very pleased with the result.

This helps a lot with chronic pain. way better than niquil. It will have you sleeping within 20 minutes tops and keeps you asleep. I would not take this if you have to wake up early the next morning unless you take it no later than 9pm.

It works This is great for when you are in pain, and you need help sleeping. I have never had any problems with it. After I wake up the pain is gone, and I got a good nights rest.

I use it every night for chronic pain it's the only one I've found that helps with sleep and the pain.

my favorite relieves my pain right away

I like Tylenol PM because it help get a sound rest. I dont ever wake up feeling hung over like some products. Take the recommended dose and enjoy a restful, sound night sleep. Really just like they say.

Works good. Relieves pain and helps you sleep. My husband has a bad back and takes this sometimes to help him sleep and it works.

This works anytime I take it. Works really well on my migranes as well. Help me to relax and go to sleep when paired with my Sleepytime tea.

works every time

This product works good until the next morning when you wake up feeling drugged.

It mediocre. It works but it's just basically the antihistamine making you sleep