ColavitaŽ  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ColavitaŽ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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To me, an olive oil is an olive oil. I am not impressed by this bottle that I could easily grab at the grocery store.

It wasn't the best I've had but it was good

Healthy choice Delightful olive oil with a rich full body. It is lovely with veggies or meat but also to use as a beauty product on hair and skin.

This olive oil has a strong flavor. I will use it for cooking where I won't be able to taste it as much. I enjoy light olive oils to dip and cook with. So, if you like a strong olive oil flavor- this is the olive oil for you. It just wasn't the one for me.

I Love colavita extra virgin olive oil great with salad, with hot bread .. olive oil sesame dipping

Light and flavorful, yet strong and really olive oil! I like to use Colavita in all things- salads, cooking, baking, and also to use as dip for homemade bread. Leftover oil in bowls are great for softening hands and making hair shine. Have a hand spa with leftover oil.

This was a good tasting olive olive and doesn't seem too highly priced. I will be looking to see if I can find it in the stores in my area. Definately would buy if I can find it.

This is great quality olive oil. My hair loves it.

I love cooking with Olive Oil. This had a nice taste to it.

really like this

Was glad to receive this as I was running out of olive oil! I have a dark Greek olive oil (made by my YiaYia) that I use for Greek cooking but I always need a lighter EVOO for everyday use. This fits the bill perfectly! Tons of flavor but not too much. No bitterness, not too heavy. Just perfect for sauteeing and drizzling over salad. Bravo! Bottle is half gone now and will be purchasing more!

It's a premium brand of olive oil, but I wasn't excited to receive it in my Cravebox. I already have at least four full-size bottles of another olive oil in my kitchen cabinet.

Really tasty olive oil - I tried it and at the same time ran out of olive oil at home. I bought a BIG bottle because I use it all the time.

I love to use olive oil when baking chicken wings. Well the big NFL game was recently and we decided to prepare wings. Well I used the Colavita olive oil and they came out so much better than when using my old brand that now I am hooked. It was great!

I am an avid user of EVOO, but never had an opportunnity to try Colavita - until now! I found that I much prefer Colavita to my current brand, and will be buying more when my sample bottle is gone. I like to use this with some italian seasonings and garlic to dip bread in, and I like sauteing chicken and vegetables in it, and pour it over brown rice. Thanks Cravebox!