McDonald's Chicken McBites

McDonald's Chicken McBites

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I vote "McYuck" for McDonald's latest menu item, Chicken McBites and do not like anything about them. Approximately the size of a large piece of popcorn, McDonald's "Chicken McBites" are nothing more than small chicken fritters with a crunchy exterior and an interior of white chicken meat about the size of a large pencil eraser tip. They taste greasy (duh) and we will never order them again. We might eat fast food every now and then, but that does not mean that we have thrown all of our standards for food and it's taste out the window. Not even a drive-through window.

If you are lucky enough to purchase these when they are fresh out of the fryer then they are excellent. They can be a bit dry if they cook them too long or if they have been sitting too long. I do not think they still sell them in my area, but when you catch them for a 1.00 then try them.

These are more fun than earlier chicken items in McDonalds menu. kudos to them.