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Ricardo of Hollywood Luggage Kohl's has very good Ricardo of Hollywood luggage. (I did NOT get the luggage because the name had Hollywood in it, but it was MORE than perfect for the type of luggage I wanted.) For years I had Ricardo luggage, and it was very good, and the main reason I liked it, out of ALL the brands of luggage, Ricardo has MORE outside/inside pockets than any other luggage I have checked out, and I have done MANY. Kohl's had a promotion going on with a discount, if I purchase the 3-piece luggage, which I did. (My 3-piece Ricardo luggage I gave to one of my friends, which she loves just as much as I did.) The only difference, I did not get the very large one like I had before, as I take ALL my luggage with me, so I needed to go down to a smaller size, since I am getting older now, and trying to manage it.

I find things at Kohl's overpriced, though I do love the Amazon return desk. Many of their clothes appear poorly made.

Good shopping experience I usually enjoy my shopping trips at Kohls. I'm usually there returning items that I purchased online and end up walking around the store. I appreciate that the returns line always moves fast and the store is always stocked. I usually end up buying something before leaving.

amazing store I love this store...it has everything you need and it has high quality items

BIG savings You can't go wrong shopping at KOhl's. The savings is unbelievable, with the ability to stack promo codes and Kohl's cash along with rewards cash the sky's the limit!

Kohls/ take it or LEAVE it Long lines!!! Lack of diversity. Clothes are all over the floor. Unless items are on sale - don't bother. Now they have amazon pick up and delivery portal which is chaos

Great place to shop Kohl's is always a good place to shop. They send out great coupons and you get cash back. The negative part is that coupons don't apply when you use your kohl's cash.

Mumsy Dearest Sorry the title's a little bit weird I just wanted to pick something eye catching. But no, really, you can get a lot of good deals from this store. My mom has used it for like forever and she is always getting 10 dollars kohl's cash and things like that to get cashback and free products, which is really neat. They also carry a lot of really popular retailer and there are a lot of way to go through and get discounts you otherwise couldn't get.

Addicted to Kohl's My mom got me hooked on Kohl's! It has become my go to store for clothing. I always find something unique and awesome there, and sometimes I find good deals. The Kohl's cash doesn't always do me good but I do use it most of the time, 50/50 split.

Hometown fav I grew up in Wisconsin so Kohl's is a hometown favorite. It was considered quite the posh store to shop at back in the day. I still appreciate the variety that it sells in all it's stores and the quality I get for the money. However, I think they stock the store in GA the same as they stock it in Wisconsin. We don't need so many snow accessories in Georgia!

There clothes seem to be a fair quality for their price and they always have sales going on.

Khols has great sales and I love how you can take amazon returns their now.

Love Kohl's and earning all that sweet Kohl's cash! Wish they had a little more variety though.

I love Kohls I have the Kohls card. I enjoy shopping here to get JLO's clothing and let me tell y'all, going online to purchase things on sale is a must. Besides if you want to save you have to do it the right way. Also, the quality of the clothes here is good.

Kohls Cash! You get good stuff for decent prices, what really makes it worth it is the Kohl's cash, don't lose it!!