Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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Classic But Not Basic One of my favorite kinds of cookies that has a wide range of ways you can Oreo with each and every kind of cookie being delicious. The classic chocolate Oreos go wonderfully with milk, the thins are so good when you're feeling like a little less stuffing, the golden are amazing as a sweet treat. More than just those three, Oreo's have a wonderful variety and delicious recipe for all of them.

Bring back Strawberry Shortcake OREOS!!! If OREO would bring back the Strawberry Shortcake flavor I would give them a 5-star rating. I'm in my feelings about only having this flavor one time and never seeing it again. I see all types of different new flavors, but what in the world happened to the SSC OREOS? If there was some sort of issue between Nabisco and Good Humor, I wish they would just hug it out and get this flavor in as a regular flavor. Sales would definitely skyrocket. I LOVED the SSC Oreos!...that we had one time ... and never found again.

Deliciosas Deliciosas aunque no son muy sanas, nunca se puedo perder la costumbre de comer una oreo

yumm The best cookie with milk! i'll eat them all in one night they are just that good! should try if you haven't.

Delicious Treat As much as I like Oreos, no one likes them more then my son. If I were to purchase a container of Oreos it won't last the day. I do wish the containers would seal up better after it has been opened. I usually put them into a cookie jar because of that reason.

Classic cookie, vegan friendly I love Oreos! Being vegan it is a great go to dessert. It is also easy to use to make into another dessert.

Yummy Love these and how they come in different flavors.. chocolate peanut butter is my favorite besides the original.

amazing. Its awesome one of my favourite cookies ever,the the chocolate and the cream is awesome,i also do oreo shake with the cookies its one of the best

I love Oreos as a snack. They are crunchy cookies with a creamy filling. Most recently I was able to use Oreos to make a recipe called Oreo Cookie Balls. They came out delicious and were easy to make using my favorite cookie-Oreos!

yum!! Who doesn't love Oreos? This is one treat the whole family can agree on. And they have so many unique varieties - we love the original and vanilla, but there is also mint, birthday cake, Halloween colored ones - they keep things fun and interesting!

Classic Didn't even know these cookies were vegan for the longest time. Nothing better than dunking one of these in milk. I'm always looking out for new flavors they come out with.

YUMMY The oreo sandwich cookies are great i instest on you getting some they were nice and soft

Classic cookie! Everyone in my family loves Oreos! They never last long in this house, I also use Oreos as the base for cookies and cream ice cream and frozen pies. Just delicious!

Oreos are the best I love oreos. Especially all the flavors. The lady gaga ones are really good.. if you haven't tried you should

Amazing fun and tasty oreo cookies Very good with some milk! Very good on their own when on the go.