Bic for Her Retractable Gel Pens

Bic for Her Retractable Gel Pens

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Ugh, these were horrible, as my experience with Bic pens usually is. I hated the pattern on the pen barrel (really, I could not bring these into a meeting at the bank where I work) and the ink skipped as the point of the pen was really scratchy on paper. Plus, why black ink if you're going to put pink and purple flowers on the barrel? At least give me a matching ink color to distract from how poorly the pen writes. I love gel pens but will be sticking with Pentel EnerGel and various Uni-Ball models!

When first using these pens the ink skipped and I would have to write things over again. As I used the pens more the ink starting coming out to fast and my writing was blotchy. They were bulky and didn't fit in your hand comfortably. I would not purchase these pens again.

The gel in these pen does not come out consistently, meaning I have to rewrite things over and over again. Very frustrating. I'd never purchase.

Nice looking pen and comfortable to hold, but the ink didn't come out consistently. I found that it wrote continously for a little while and then would stop and then start up again.

Nice pens and they write well, but I don't get why it has to be Bic for Her. I think the pretty designs are enough and unnecessary to market them to women by adding the "just for her" notion. I received mine in the December cravebox otherwise I would not have bought them on my own because of that.

It's just a regular pen. It's supposed to be designed for women's hands but holding it just feels like any other pen.

Although these pens are cute, mine don't write nicely at all. The ink doesn't come out clean--have had to heat up the tip of it to get it moving again, and it's brand new! It's too bad because I really like the look of them. If they were to fix the ink issue, I'm sold!

These pens look nice and I initially thought they would be great but they really do not write all that smoothly. As another reviewer noted there is a problem with the ink smudging - especially with left-handers like me! Overall, these are good, all-purpose pens but they aren't the types of pen you go hunting down when someone swipes them from your desk or purse!

The pens were really cute and I was excited about the colors. Unfortunately the ink doesn't come out smoothly. It is scratchy and leaves gaps in the writing.

Love the idea of these pretty pens since my husband won't snitch them. I'm not a fan of gel ink, though. It smudges and inevitably stops writing. I'm a leftie so the smudging is especially problematic for me. I would have loved to receive a black-ink ball point in a feminine style.

Loved the feel of the pen and the ink is great except it smears VERY easily.

A little to wet for too long when you write. Smeared but handles nice

I love bic pen.The Bic For her gel pens are great to use,except you have to hold them straight up and down to get them to write well.I kept having to go over what I wrote a few times.

Excellent gel pen. Keep these in my purse and at work. Comfortable to write with and pretty. Don't think I would have bought them simply because they said 'For Her'

I'll admit I wasn't thrilled to find pens in my Cravebox. Every drawer in our house has at least two in it so four more was not a 'woohoo' event. I've always been a Bic fan, however, so I wasn't totally bummed. The Bic for her gel pens have one thing going for them. They're pretty and girly enough the hubs and son don't steal them from my desk or purse. Not that I'd miss them considering the abundance of pens in our house but it never fails that if I find one I really like it breaks or disappears. Unlike the too-girly pink and lilac colored regular pens these have just enough flair to be ladylike with the jewely accents but the black gel ink and black casing kept me'more gothy than girly in tastes?from rolling my eyes. I love the grip on these and while I doubt I'll ever need to buy another pen in my life if I was in the market for some I'd buy them again.