Bic for Her Retractable Gel Pens

Bic for Her Retractable Gel Pens

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Bic for Her These pens deliver bright vibrant color and they last for awhile!

I dont care what anyone says!! BUT GEL PENS ARE THE BEST!!

Love the color options on these. Definitely recommend

Smooth writing doesn't leak, or smudge while writing. I would recommend it for classroom purposes only.

I love gel pens and these are pretty good. They have a nice dark color, write smooth and last a long time. A little higher priced than some pens, but I think they are worth it!

This is the best writing pen ever! They come in great colors too Everyone needs to try them!

I know it may seem like another pen to many...but I love the feeling of this and the ink doesn't bleed or go through skipping. I love it! Writing is comfortable and easy to move with my carpal tunnel :D

It's just a regular pen. It's supposed to be designed for women's hands but holding it just feels like any other pen.

They are awesome pens, no ink skipping, last a long time (if no one steals them). Easy to write with, I would recommend these everyone.

I am a clinical nurse, so I write quite a bit at work. I absolutely LOVE these pens. I have never had a problem with the ink skipping, though I do get carried away and the ink smudges occasionally. The only real problem I have with them is keeping them in my pockets. People want to "borrow" them constantly and I never see them again.

good grip, good ink, and good for everyday use!

Ugh, these were horrible, as my experience with Bic pens usually is. I hated the pattern on the pen barrel (really, I could not bring these into a meeting at the bank where I work) and the ink skipped as the point of the pen was really scratchy on paper. Plus, why black ink if you're going to put pink and purple flowers on the barrel? At least give me a matching ink color to distract from how poorly the pen writes. I love gel pens but will be sticking with Pentel EnerGel and various Uni-Ball models!

My grown daughters fought over these pens! good think I got 2 gels and 2 ball points. We love the colors!

When first using these pens the ink skipped and I would have to write things over again. As I used the pens more the ink starting coming out to fast and my writing was blotchy. They were bulky and didn't fit in your hand comfortably. I would not purchase these pens again.

These are very pretty and fun to use.