GoodTrueBeautiful Forever Lily

GoodTrueBeautiful Forever Lily

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I have never us this product before but I will love to try it out what's the smell to it do it last long?

Foreverlily parfum is the most amazing scent I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. I won my bottle from a giveaway last Christmas and when the package arrived, the wrapping itself was amazing. It was pretty, feminine and made me feel all kinds of special (the way a gift should). The collector's edition box is absolutely gorgeous...enough so that it can be proudly displayed on a vanity or nightstand without making the room look unkempt. And every morning, when I put the perfume on and breathe in the amazing aroma, I tend to be enveloped with a moment of peacefulness. It sounds funny, but it's true. It is almost as though it helps me center myself and gives me a moment that's just for me. That's how I start off my day. I also keep a purse sized roll on in my purse and will open it if I get to feeling stressed and it always helps me to calm and center before tackling those challenges again. The website says that scent was intended to aid the wearer in opening the heart and reaching for the highest within them. Personally, I believe they met their goal, and then some. I'm not one who would usually spend the $125 for perfume ($20 often seems like over-doing it to me), but for Foreverlily, I feel it's completely worth it. The 3.4 oz bottle lasted me almost 8 months. Also, a percentage of every person is donated to the Phoenix Foundation which aims to end child abandonment around the world.