MGA Entertainment Lalaloopsy Dolls

MGA Entertainment Lalaloopsy Dolls

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My daughter received a Lalaloopsy doll last year and she has been collecting them ever since, they are adorable, posable, even I like them. Excellent for kids of all ages.

both my daughters (age 7 and 3) have some of these dolls, and both of them adore them

We love lalaloopsy dolls. My daughter owns six, plus the dollhouse. She can play all day with it.

Super cute! My daughters loves these.

My girls and I are Lalaloopsy fans since they came out. We have several different of the originals, and a few of the little sisters. I know my girls will ask for more when their birthdays and Christmas comes around. We love their button eyes, we love that we can change their clothes and shoes, and most of all, we love how cute and colorful they are... perfectly matches the girls' room :)

When I first saw these dolls I thought they were ugly. The doll had to grow on me. But my 5yr old loves her lalaloopsy doll and loves how she pose them and style their hair.

My family loves the Lalaloopsy dolls with their adorable button eyes and unique pets. My littlest child loves the miniature lalaloopsy dolls. They are just the right size for her tiny hands and she plays with them for hours.

Seriously adorable dolls! Fun to dress and the story what each one comes with is cute too. Just wish the heads were not so hard, it's difficult to cuddle a lalaloopsy.

These are very cute and my granddaughter asked for all of them for her birthday. Though she enjoyed playing with them when she received them the novelty wore off pretty quickly and they sat on the shelf.

My daughter and mother are collecting Lalaloopy. They are too pricy.

I wish they had these dolls when I was a child, they are too cute! My little sister loves them!

Personally I think they are adorable and I got my niece one of the full size ones when she was 2. The full size are a bit pricey but the mini's make for great little gifts, my niece adores having the little ones that are just the right size for her hands. They are cute little dolls with great designs and various versions for all price ranges.

A bit pricey but my daughter won't sleep with out her doll we are currently trying to collect all of the full figured ones.

I bought one for my daughter for Christmas,and while they are adorable the head is just way too heavy! You can't sit it down or play with it like a Barbie because the head just makes it topple over. :(

Its very cute! I would love to give it as a gift to my sister's daughter.