Slice Safety Cutter

Slice Safety Cutter

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Fantastic product love it works great and would recommend to crafters couponers for warping gifts and more

You into coupons or paper crafting??? I have found a very convenient little cutter! Small, simple, sharp to cut but won't cut your skin! :D (Not that we are clumsy-ya know, probably shouldn't bother with that one! LOL) The Slice is super convenient, sharp, and perfect for all sorts of projects! The blade is ceramic so it will last longer than steel without dulling or rusting, it has a magnet and key ring hole (which is awesome because it won't cut ya if you touch the blade!), and it's comfortable for use! (Designed for convenience to left and right handed people!) I'm gonna go ahead and confess that before seeing this picture, I had already tried sticking my finger to it! (Yet another reason I got banned from sharp objects for a while!) Cutting is really easy and doesn't take much pressure! The slice Safety cutter is Great for couponers! It took so much time off cutting my coupons! I am really loving this cutter! If you frequently cut paper, from coupons to card stock, this will quickly become a go-to cutter for you! This week, The Slice cut my coupon cutting time into about 5 minutes! It took longer to read the ads than to cut my coupons!!! As a side note, don't attempt to cut anything thick or hard as it will push the blade in! That's my only complaint!

The other day something wonderful came in my mailbox: Slice Safety Cutter. Great for couponers. I've used coupon cutters in the past that looked like this: It really wasn't that exciting and it jammed up and made more of a mess than it did cut. So when I had an opportunity to try the slice? Safety Cutter ? Great for couponers I was thrilled. I'll be honest with you, cause that's what I do, when I opened the package, I was a little disappointed. It just looked simple and boring. I opened the package and immediately looked for the blade. I saw this little tiny thing sticking out of the bottom of the cutter, I wasn't impressed. I ran my finger across it and it didn't seem like it would cut a tissue much less their claim that it would get through that annoying plastic that everything seems to be packaged in nowadays. Guess what? The Slice Safety Cutter is better than they say it is. I started cutting paper, double layers of card stock, plastic, a box I had gotten in the mail, everything I could find. My 8 year old wanted to try, and I felt confident in the fact that she wouldn't get cut by it. Ceramic, who would have thought. Then I went to put the postcard up on the fridge and it was a magnet! OMG ? the things that I found odd and not impressive became everything that I loved about the product. I will say, without a doubt in my mind that this is the BEST product I have reviewed all year. I can't wait to head over to their page and buy more of their products because they work so well. Way to go Slice designers, you have created a winner!