Emjoi Tweeze

Emjoi Tweeze

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Works well! My favorite small epilator. It's perfect for small areas like upper lip or eyebrows. It can be painful if you are not used to epilating but with average use, the pain does decrease greatly.

Takes out longer hairs but I have sensitive skin so it causes irritation in some areas. Oh and did I forget to mention, "OUCH"! =)

A little painful process, but worth it. I used this for stubborn hairs that I always miss shaving and it had great results. Be wary if you have sensitive skin because you will get red after using!

doesnt remove shortest hairs,causes skin irritation,inconvient epilator option b/c of number of tweezers and size of tweezer head.

Not good at all, save your money. stings alot, but I know they all do, doesnt work on shorter hairs.

While it does pull out longer hairs, I believe shorter hair removal is the goal of most of us when it comes to hair removal products. Also, this product was a painful and irritating experience for me. Irritating and frustrating. I looked for promising results to no avail, even after one week of use. All I got was red, irritated skin that didn't go away for two weeks. Maybe this product just wasn't for me.

Avoid! I only gave it one star because I wasn't able to give no stars. I wouldn't recommend the Emjoi Tweeze. This item is super painful and if you have sensitive skin, avoid at all costs. I rather go through the pain of waxes or tweezing each hair one at a time before using this product.

Do not waste your money. I was in the market for a new razor recently and decided to give the Emjoi Tweeze a try. I purchased the product then went home to test it out. A half an hour of attempted shaving later and there was still no difference.