Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

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Amazing! A must have! I love my LeCreuset Dutch Oven. The color is fun and it is durable. Mine has been used nearly everyday since I purchased it.

LeCreuset dutch oven I bought this dutch oven after looking at some for a specific cookbook I had received. I am glad that I chose this one! It is sturdy and wonderful to cook in. I have had to find other recipes just to be able to use it more often.

now i had to look up how to use a dutch oven but once i got the hang of it i was super glad i bought one

My only cookware I own is Le Creuset. Have used it and owned it for 40 years. Well worth the investment.

Le Creuset products are know to be expensive and of high quality. I inherited this particular pot and love it! It is my workhorse and I consider it a star in my kitchen. It heats evenly;is easy to clean and goes from stovetop to oven like nothing else can! There is a reason Le Creuset has a good name among novice cooks and professional chefs alike!!!!

Expensive yet durable! Very versatile and I expect it to last to pass down to my grandkids.

Oh my gosh, what can I say? Almost nonstick cast iron? Can you see the drool on my chin? I love my LeCreuset! It's insultingly expensive, but it will outlast me, it's so durable. I can cook anything in it - in a pinch, I could fry eggs in it, too! I could bake almost anything in it (I don't think I'd try cookies, because they need that circulation alongside, but it will do about anything else. Maybe not pancakes or waffles lol). This pot can boil pasta, braise short ribs, bake chicken, roast turkey, make gravy, stew rabbit, and most other types of cooking you need done. You might have to set up a Christmas Club account, but .... go get ya one!

Sturdy & lasts forever.

I love using this to cook a Sunday dinner! It is really heavy and I'm so nervous I will break it, but I love it!

This is my favorite pot. It was very expensive but worth every penny. I imagine the day when i have a full set. You can use this to cook on the stove and finish off in the oven.

I wish I had a complete set of LeCreuset pots and pans. I've had a LeCreuset pot for about 3 years now. I had a fire in my apartment and I was only able to save very few things. From the kitchen, I was only able to salvage my LeCreuset. I am so thankful for that. I love it! It was black when I picked it up from the mess. I scrubbed it with a wire pad and it cleaned up perfectly. YAY! I'm sure I'll own this for life :)

Though LeCreuset is expensive, they really last forever and would be a great bridal shower gift. I think stews and braised items even taste better when cooked in it.

I gave this pot to my Mom for Christmas two years ago, she is constantly using it. I've seen her make everything from a roast, to seared meat, to even the best chicken noodle soup in it. It is definitely your one pot meal. You can sear the meat on the stove with it, add liquids and boil, then put it in the oven and finish off by roasting!! One Pot less mess to clean up. I'd recommend this Dutch Oven to everyone and I've heard my Mom tell her sisters and her friends all about it. It is kind of heavy, but a good quality Dutch Oven is going to be heavy... it surely is made of quality material to last a long time. Even after 2 years of her using it it still shows very little wear!

This is my favorite pot of all time. It's incredible versatile - you can sear meat in it, make soup, use it on the cooktop for sauteeing, or put in the oven to braise. Because it's enameled cast iron, it's effectively non-stick - even sauteed food rinses out effortlessly. It's a pricy piece of gear, but I expect it will last my entire life.