Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Vegetables

Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Vegetables

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Terrible vegetables. Squishy with no flavor. I cannot recommend

I don't like using a microwave, but I especially don't like using plastic in a microwave. Every time I made these, I was afraid the chemicals from the plastic were leaching into my food. Finally I got rid of my microwave and cooked these on the stove like I do regular vegetables. They didn't take long to cook on the stove at all, so I didn't feel like I was inconveniencing myself.

I love that you can cook these in the microwave, but I wasn't impressed with the taste. They tasted almost bland and fake. They were a bit better with some salt but other than that it was still a big let down. It almost reminded me of really bad hospital food, but in this case I would have preferred the hospital food. I hate to leave such a negative review, but this was such a disappointment to me.

I have purchased many brands of microwave steamable vegetables. Birds Eye, in my experience, has left vegetables with an undercooked texture. I prefer when I cannot tell the vegetable was frozen by the taste. Grant it, I did not try the corn but the peas and green beans- taste previously frozen and have a strange bright color. Maybe a preservative? I was not a fan, but to each his own

i normally don't eat frozen veggies, but these were pretty good, i really like this corn, it was very good,.

i liked the steamers ok but the bag in my opinion felt a little melted when you take it out

I love the convenience of these! Even the peas come out well, when usually any frozen peas made in the microwave come out wrinkled and don't taste well. That is not the case with these, these always come out well. I just wish that they came in more varieties!

cost more than canned but taste the same

I'm torn on these bags. I love them because they're incredibly convenient and cook the food right every time. On the other hand, they can't be good for the environment and I have to wonder what the plastic of the bag does to the food.

I love the convenience of the steam fresh packaging. When it comes to the single vegetables like corn, broccoli, and green beans, I tend to buy the store brand rather than the Birds Eye. However, there are certain blends that are only available through Birds Eye that I buy. The Asparagus, Gold & White Corn, Baby Carrots blend is a family favorite. We also enjoy the Broccoli, Carrots, Sugar Snap Peas & Water Chestnuts blend.

I love these guys they are a nice quick veggie add on to any meal. I enjoy the fact that they taste so fresh like you pick them yourself and they r an easy clean up as opposed to cleaning pots all night. These guys are fabulous!!

I have mixed feelings about this product. I like the crispness of the broccoli, green beans, and corn, but the asparagus was gross.

Corn is good and it only takes a few minutes to steam in the bag. Great choice when you are in a hurry.

good to have in the freezer.