Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Vegetables

Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Vegetables

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I love them. They are fast and there is a variey to choose from such as macaroni and cheese with broccoli, creamed spinach, and southwestern rice.

love how quick and easy it is to make

I eat a bag of these almost every day. Its an easy meal if I'm dieting.

Husband loves these. Works 2nd shift and he doesn't destroy the kitchen. Fast, easy, delish.

I use these all the time. My family loves them!

I use these often. I like the variety of veggies they have they have and are delish!! Vey convenient.

I love these very good and very convenient

I have totally converted from canned veggies to these steam-fresh! The taste is fantastic, easy to use, provides a variety of options and for per serving cost... Is cheaper than canned veggies! Tip Check the website for coupons!

Birds Eye is the best steamed vegetables, I buy them all the time.

These veggies are convenient and absolutely delicious. I was truly surprised at how fresh everything tasted especially the corn and brocolli. The brocolli tastes as if you steamed fresh brocolli right on the stove. The price is reasonable and they seem to be on sale a lot as well.

I always have a bag of these in my freezer for a quick side dish. The taste and quality is close to fresh.

I love these! They actually taste like fresh veggies and are quick and easy and fairly inexpensive. My favorite is the broccoli!

Love these veggies! So easy to make, and store. No need to use extra pots to cook the veggies! Have purchased tons of these!!!

So easy, so fresh tasting, and it way more appetizing than veggies that have been sitting in water in a can for God knows how long!

always great to eat!!!! easy and fast to do