LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads Peach

LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads Peach

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Love these! They smell great and they work so well! Great for traveling also! A must try if you haven't already.

Oily and don't take of my polish whatsoever. Poor quality and smell gross.

I agree, the pads were super oily and didn't take much of the nail polish off and the smell wasn't to pleasant either.

I would say it's an okay product

I didn't like this product at all. It didn't take off any nail polish and the pads are super oily.

Reading the reviews before me make me think I got a bad batch because the smell was horrible the pads were so oily and didnt take off any polish not a good experience with this product

i got a pack of these removers in a prize box i won in a nail art contest. I was way skeptical at first because it looked like a cheap little product that wouldn't work. I was was impressed! It smelled fantastic and worked so well. It wasn't drying like normal remover. It does not remove glitter well...but then again what does.

I love this nail polish remover pad!! Nice smell and at $1.00!!!. It also seems there is some type of conditioner in the polish. Depending on how many coats of polish, you may have to use a few pads. I love the ease and compact size of this product as well, makes a great travel staple!!

This is a really good product which smells great and really moisturized my nails. I love the whole nail line.

This is my all time favorite nail polish remover pads because this product has a nice peach smell and is very easy to use. I found this product on clearance at my local Rite Aid and am kicking myself for not buying more. These pads are so easy to use and don't have that nasty acetone smell that is typical of usual nail polish removers. You need to try this!!