L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara

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Save your money! this stuff isn't any better than the cheaper brands!

I was so excited about this mascara because I love Loreal products, but I did not like this! I hated the brush, it didn't do anything. I actually took my brush out of my old tube and use it, but it still doesn't work very well. I have to use 2 differents kinds to get the look I want.

I was so disappointed in this product. It was probably the WORST mascara I have ever used. The brush was awful. The bristles were going in all different directions. This product gave me NO length and NO thickness whatsover on my lashes. I was totally surprise Loreal has a product this awful. I will stick with my Cover Girl Outlast.

I bought this mascar and the loreal voluminous Caron black at the same time. I preferred the carbon black better. This one seemed to dry out very quickly.

Tends to clump after a few uses but washes off easily.

Adds a nice length and a little thickness, but I like my lashes thicker. Doesn't work well for multiple coats.

This mascara is okay. It has fibers in the mascara but it doesn't have enough to make a difference. I use this under my Loreal Voluminous Million lashes mascara to as a base coat of sorts. I like the wand of this mascara. I am able to reach lashes that are tiny. the wand tip also helps with seperating my lashes and its great for the lower lashes. I will use this as an everyday mascara when I'm just running errands. I have oily lids and this mascara doesn't smudge. It also doesn't flake. But any of the other Loreal mascaras don't sudge or flake either. This is a drier formula which I like. I love the packaging. And I really love that the lid when closing snaps so that you know it's closed all the way so it won't dry out. But i probably will not buy this mascara again.

My favorite mascara is loreal voluminous; however this voluminous is in fact not voluminous. I use several coats when I use mascara & this voluminous false fiber doesn't do what the original voluminous will. When I used it, I would apply a coat or 2 of the reg voluminous on top of the false fiber one. To get it more like I want it

The brush on this mascara grabbed all the little lashes and emphasized the volume of my lashes. I used for about a month but then after that it unfortunately started to flake.

Great mascara!

I have this and i like how much longer my lashes look but I dont like the brush, it may be because it probably dried out or something

Love this

I liked this mascara very much!Works really well.It covers your lashes with one coat,doesn't clump or flake.

Nice volume

This has been the most amazing mascara that I have ever tried. I purchased the color of blackest black, although, there are different shades. It gives my lashes a full look. I have always been disappointed with other mscaras that make it seem as if I am wearing nothing. Even my husband noticed something different about my eyes! I gave it only 4 stars because it can be a little thick sometimes but not enough to make me call it clumpy. I truly have that full lash look without actual flase lashes.