Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner

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I loved it the first time I bought it, but after I bought a second bottle, it didn't work as well and felt really watery for a moisturizing conditioner, which are supposed to be thick. If you have thin dry hair, I guess it would be good, but if you have thick or curly dry hair, I wouldn't bother.

This conditioner is good as a cowash for a wash and go and for a leave in. I just don't like the scent so much.

I feel like this conditioner leaves a fake softness to it. Also it makes my hair feeling thin.

this one is acctualy really good for color treated hair never fades my color

The smell of this products is -like all Fructis products- in the citrus area which I really like- it smells fresh but it is not overpowering, perfect for the summer time. The Shampoo is yellow and clear and very fluid. It cleans gentle, but does not foam a whole lot though. I find it is always easier to wash hair if the shampoo foams a bit. My hair felt smooth and soft and it was also not too hard to comb through the mess on my head.

Great conditioner to detangle the hair. I like it.

works great!

really great product, one of the few that I find myself coming back to a lot

This is my favorite conditioner. It leaves your hair silky smooth and smells like summer. All their products smell so good.

This conditioner leaves my hair really soft and manageable. I have somewhat frizzy hair and using this shampoo has helped my hair by wonders.

I love the smell & how healthy and shiny it leaves my hair!! Many varieties avaliable for differ hair types!!

I love this shampoo! Garnier is the best shampoo for keeping your hair shiny and clean looking. It also smells great!

Garnier Garnier has so many products that I use daily! From shampoo and conditioner to facial creams and mousse...they have great products. The triple formula conditioner leaves my hair soft, shiny and very manageable! Also goes wonderfully with the Moroccan leave in

What can I say, Im a Garnier lover! I love this conditioner, it smells great and my hair comes out soft, shiny and smelling wonderful!

1 word, amazing. The avocado, shea butter and olive oils is sooo moisturizing. I use it for conditioner washes and it makes my kinky hair soft for days.