Kleenex  Cool Touch Tissues

Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues

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I really don't like these tissues. They leave a residue in your face that smells. Would rather have the ones with lotion

Great for adults but they made my daughter cry.

These are great for runny noses! Keeps me from having a red nose on all of those allergy ridden days!

Feels nice and soothing on the nose with the cool touch.Won't mind having an endless supply of these tissues ;)

I bought these last winter when I had a cold and was surprised that they really did feel cool on my nose. It scared me a little as to what I must be putting on my skin, but it didn't seem to irritate my sensitive skin. Overall, they soothed my dry, itchy nose and made blowing more pleasant.

Perfect to keep at the office for when you get a cold. Strong yet soft.

These tissues definitely do feel cool to the touch. For everyday use, I would just use the regular lotion tissue, but for a cold, I would use these. They will soothe a sore nose that is constantly being wiped and blown from drainage.

I actually got a sample of these in the mail and I loved them! I was sick and they cooled mand soothed my poor red nose. They are soft,thick and very durable. thanks kleenex for being there when im sick (:

I love these tissues! I have very bad allergies and these really are cool to the touch. They are soft and are very comfortable against a sore nose. I even bought my Mom some and she loves them too.

Awesome tissues - they have a touch of menthol or eucalyptus in them, making them smooth on a dry, overblown nose!

My husband accuses me of being a tissue snob but I absolutely love this kind of Kleenex. It's the only kind that doesn't leave your nose chafed and red. The cool sensation is also soothing. If they ever come out with a toilet paper version, I'll be buying that as well :D


These are wonderful! So soft!

The first time i bought these i was seriously amazed it feels so wonderful onmy nose when i blow lol

love these! they make your nose feel so good.