Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

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this product is a joke the only plus is that it smells good 12766 bayberry and 12305 boogie are the colors I have, the claims: sets rock solid in 5 minutes lasting patent leather shine protects nails from breaking easy to remove. This is all fiction ladies it chipped the same day! And its not an easy process at all just bad

The polish dries super fast, but chips just as fast! You have to use about 3 coats to make it look good... switching between the glue and the polish. This doesn't take much time but you have to make sure you don't apply too much of the glue otherwise it looks white around the edges. The polish looks good but as soon as you do anything is starts to chip almost immediately. Then you need to apply more coats to cover up the chips. When I finally went to remove the polish it was very difficult and took a really long time to try to get it all off my nails. You also need to make sure you use a really good acetone remover and even then you still have to work really hard to get to come off. Sad to say I was very disappointed and I would never use it again.

I would recommend to try Nailuv Soak Off Gel Polish: longer lasting, does not chip or smudge. Great variety of colors to choose from.

I am very dissatisfied with Nutra Nail Gel Perfect and do not recommend it. I paid $13.99 for the polish thinking it would last long and be a good product. The polish did dry very quickly, but it began chipping the first day and the chipping was extreme! It chipped and flaked almost completly off within a couple days. The activator smelled horrible - it had a very strong odor that reminded me of super glue. In addition, it seems like the product dried my nails out because they all cracked and broke which was unusual. Nutra Nail does offer a money back guarantee, unfortunately, I lost my receipt.

I wouldn't buy this again. For $13.99 I got a streaky uneven polish. I considered taking it off immediately after putting it on. My nails look terrible! I tried putting on 3 coats to even it out a little, but now the nails won't dry and are super tacky. Ugh, worst nail polish ever!

why pay that when it chips off in as little as a day

Gel Perfect: Do not buy this, it's a waste of money and time. I read the instructions which were perfectly simple. I followed the instructions step by step, adding two coats just as it instructed, and everything looked fine. It dried as quickly as it claimed and it still looked good so I was satisfied. The very next day the polish chipped. By day two most of the polish had chipped off halfway. The way I do my nails with other polishes lasts much longer than this product lasts even if I have to wait half an hour after application to do anything that requires fingers (shoes, getting dressed, etc). I'll stick to my regular routine with my other polishes. Thanks for nothing.

This is a product that needs to be discontinued!. The smell is horrible and it doesn't last as long as it claims to. I'm completely disappointed in this product. A complete waste of my time and money.

While the polish process was not that difficult, the polish wound up drying streaky. The instructions said that it would even out but it never did. The finish was shiny but not overly impressive. Several days later the polish started to chip. I may leave this process to the professionals at the salon.

I came across this product at Meijer, and I bought it without researching first. Big mistake!! The process is confusing, and I managed to ruin my product by placing the color brush into the activator by accident. Before that happened, I felt extremely rushed due to having to apply polish before the activator dried. I didn't have time to coat properly, so I ended up with a lumpy uneven application even after the recommended two coats. I then looked at user reviews, and many people are saying the product damaged their nails, so I took the polish off immediately! I used the nutra nail gel perfect remover pads, and after some vigorous scrubbing, my nails came out unscathed. My other complaint is with the activator. It appears to be nail glue like you would use for press on nails. It smells like nails glue, it adheres skin like nail glue. If you apply it close to your eyes, the vapor burns your eyes!

Didnt work for me and the smell was really strong. It didn't last long at all. I just got gel nails on my nails at a salon and it's nothing like what this product is.

I thought this would be great because it wasn't too expensive and it was a pretty color. Once I got it out of the package I had to read the directions twice to make sure I was getting what it was saying. The whole process was messy and turned out really bad. I tried it three times, and had a friend try to put it on me. All the tries were a big fail! I would not buy this again.

I was looking for a long-lasting nail polish, something that would be similar to the gel manicure I had done at a salon. Nutra nail's gel perfect was introduced as the first "five-minute gel color manicure," so I was interested. The polish went on fairly easily -- took three coats to cover without streaks. It dried almost immediately -- a real bonus! I actually did dishes shortly after finishing the manicure and there were no smudges! But the nail polish began chipping about three days later -- it didn't last as long as I had hoped. However, because it was so easy to apply and so quick, I will definitely continue to buy this product -- redoing my nails is much quicker with it!

Easy to apply. Have had on for 4 days, has not chipped once and is still shiny. Looks as good as my salon nails and much more cost efficient.

This is the best at home gel manicure!! I went to a nail salon the first time i got a gel manicure and it sucked!! But, in contrast, when i bought this and did it, it came out perfect. i used fake glue-on nails so i wouldn't damage my nails and they came out great and even and with a shine!!! Definitely getting more colors and doing it again.