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  • angeladod2 By  angeladod2    

    I really don't like these! They are cheap looking and not very easy to put on due to the fact every bodies nails are different.

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  • jekajeka8 By  jekajeka8    

    I have tried just about every brand of nail stickies out there and these are my go-to. They are easy to apply and last for over a week.

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  • Resq-Mom By  Resq-Mom    

    not my style. Plus too much work. I get too impatient to quickly for something like this! But for the young folks its probably great.

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  • Kislam97 By  Kislam97    

    It's great for three days, and then it's ruined. The designs are great, but the not the lasting power

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  • Kass730 By  Kass730    

    These strips are nice, although I prefer regular nail polish. I think the advantage (at least for me) is not having to worry about getting nail polish on my skin and not being able to get it off. It apply's even and doesn't look messy.

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  • Sami2015 By  Sami2015    

    Worked very well on my nails. Lasted over a week and didn't chip! Just MAKE SURE to apply nail polish remover before applying the strips. Follow the directions and you will have no problem.

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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    ok product but would not buy again.

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  • Kcove27 By  Kcove27    

    Heck of a lot of work to get on to my nails ad they never last more than a day or two on my hands. They seem to come up at the tip, making it almost impossible to use nails for things (opening soda can, scratching labels off of things). Not a fan.

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  • EPalma By  EPalma    

    I like this . It's quick and easy to apply .

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  • taina27pr By  taina27pr    

    Love this product, my daughters and I have nail nights every other night and my youngest bought these to try out one night because of the cool designs, let me tell you it was so so easy too apply and its remarkable how long they last. Just wish the price wasn't that high.

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  • Anaclaudia By  Anaclaudia    

    These are great ! It's very easy to apply and use

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  • kimberlygee23 By  kimberlygee23    

    these are amazing cuts down the ime of painting!!!

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  • karih1 By  karih1    

    I love these, they are easy to apply and last a week. I chage every few days but the removal was simple as well.

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  • ewarren43 By  ewarren43    

    Very easy to put on. Can use one pack for both hands if that patterns match up and you do a little maneuvering. It lasted for at least a week. Some chipping on the edges but that's expected with doing dishes and other things.

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  • mestrada_11 By  mestrada_11    

    There not easy to apply. I had difficulty applying then especially on the tip I my nail because it wouldn't stick and it came out all horrible.

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