Nintendo Wii Just Dance

Nintendo Wii Just Dance

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Fun to play but not as much fun as being unrestricted with xbox kinect

I must get bored very easily because after a few times with the songs, I don't want to play anymore. I don't want to dance to songs I don't like so the game ends up sitting on the shelves. There really should be a larger selection of songs...

We play this as a group at a daycare center on rainy days. kids love it!

Really gives you a workout. So fun to play with friends or by yourself. Guarantee you will have a blast and a half while playing. Also you may break out into a sweat. (:

I didn't personally own this game, I always played it at my sisters house. It was really fun to play with when you had someone else around to play with. It's really good for workouts too. It has great music that everyone loves.

My oldest daughter bought Just Dance for me in an effort to encourage me to work out. When I do finally use it I find it to be enjoyable and a great workout. In fact, if my younger children see one of us are about to use it they all participate whether they have a controller or not. I do wish there were better (and free!) ways to add songs in addition to achieving additional levels. There are a variety of songs, but I find I'm getting a bit bored with the ones I like the most. That is the only reason I gave Just Dance 4 stars. Other than that one small thing Just Dance is the ideal entertainment and exercise for individuals, couples and families.

This is a fun and entertaining game that both provides you with a fun activity with friends and allows you to have a great work out. I have played this game many times and it never fails to work up a sweat with each and every song. It has also been the center of many of my parties as well as parties of my friends. Everyone enjoys this game, even people who can't dance try their hand at it and everyone has a good time laughing at one another doing ridiculous dance moves. Always a crowd pleaser.

Graphics aren't that great but is still fun to do. You can find it pretty cheap at used stores.

I got this for myself as a workout and my two year old daughter loves to dance with me! It is so much fun with awesome music!

I've had soo much fun with the girls playing this! Hands down awesome game and super fun.!

Very fun game! It gets you moving and can be used for exercise.

Just Dance is a great series of interactive games that get you moving. Fun song selections.

What a great product for little kids, (and big kids!!) Everyone loves to dance and even if you don't, you definitely will after you spend some time with this game! You won'd be disappointed!!

my 9 yr old daughter's favorite!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a must have among her friends

We have both Just Dance and Just Dance 2, and we love them. The kids have a blast dancing around, and I use them for exercising. I work up a pretty god sweat!!