Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Wrap

Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Wrap

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Definitely Worth Trying This certainly helped alleviate some of my dog's anxiety during thunderstorms or the Fourth of July. He's still a little tentative, so it's not a perfect cure, but he's not scrambling to dig a hole in the bathtub either. If your dog gets this kind of anxiety, it's definitely something to try and help, but you'll want to have a few other possibilities too (like calming treats or a safe place to go).

Love this!! The thunder shirt works wonders for my 10 year old yorkie. He has the worst anxiety and stress with rain/thunder and fireworks and this shirt calms him so much! I'm so happy I purchased it.

I had a Jack Russell who did not do well when we had to move. My mother-in-law purchased a thunder shirt and it helped quite a bit until he adjusted to his new home. He wasn't afraid of storms or fireworks so I don't know how well it would work for those types of problems but my little Jack was happier for those first few traumatic weeks so I'd say try it if something similar is going on in your world.

Not the miracle product it is touted as I previously worked at a Dog daycare with all different breeds of dogs for years. My own dog is an avid barker, usually doing so at nothing or at the slightest noise. Additionally, he used to not be able to be left alone without crying so loud the neighbors could hear him. I bought this product in desperation, and prayed for a miracle to happen. It didn't. However, my dog loves the thunder shirt for it's comfortable, but it did not stop or reduce his separation anxiety and barking issues whatsoever. I used to think he needed medication, as I had seen other dogs helped by thunder shirts and by medication before, but thankfully my dog simply grew out of the separation anxiety. We learned that he typically does not care if he is left alone, as long as his needs are met first and there are no trash bags he can get into. Figure out why your dog is displaying the behavior it is and that will give you the most help in figuring out what to do to help your dog. My dog still hates fireworks and thunderstorms, but he comes and lies with me and feels safe. It's a tricky balance, and I still have the thunder shirt, but I can say we have not used it in years. Most people inadvertently cause their dogs separation anxiety by accidentally reinforcing the behavior (picking up the dog when it cries, etc.) Its learning about things like this that will help you to help your pet. There is no miracle cure, speak to your vet or someone who knows animals! :)

Thundershirts for dogs- not that great i have 2 thunder shirts and have used them many times. i was not impressed with them at all. it did not help with the anxiety my dogs got from thunder storms or fireworks. i think a t shirt tied tight around them would do the same thing.

As our dog has gotten older, she gets extremely anxious during thunderstorms and barks all night. We never get any sleep during storms and it has been a very wet summer! The Thundershirt calms our dog and we can get some rest. Thank you Thundershirt!

I guess it depend on the dog i wasted my money my dog hate it she will rub on everything to get it of ot fit perfectly, i wouldshe gets annoyed by it

We have a little yorkie who is scared of everything. Storms, fireworks, sirens, motorcycles. July 4th used to be the worst. However we learned that we have to not support him being scared, but watching him shake made me upset and he could sense that. Finally we decided we couldn't baby him we would try the thundercoat. it changed everything. He still gets a little scared, but now he is no longer running to the corner and shaking.

I have a dog that is afraid of his own shadow that loves this jacket. He has been on anti-anxiety medication and that still didn't calm him down as much as this product did.

I bought this from my vet after she suggested it may help with car rides. I put it on my dog for the ride home and saw a huge improvement! I later loaned it to my neighbor to see if it would work for her dog who has storm anxiety - she said it made him calmer and she bought one too!

I bought one for my terrier/pit rescue who is high energy and high anxiety. The vet fit her for the wrong size, so she just stood there like a statue. Tried it on my Tosa Inu (rescue @ 10 mos, was kenneled outside since 8 wks) who is PETRIFIED of storms & she still jumped in my lap, shook and whimpered.

I think this is a very good product for dogs with anxiety issues and and fears. It is a good alternative to first trying before you may have to put them on medication. Love it. They also have them for cats too!

Got one of these for one of our dogs that has issues with thunderstorms, going to the vet or anyplace away from home in general. We did some training with it...puttting it on him just to get him used to it for 10-15 minutes a day for a couple of weeks. Took him to get his nails trimmed..first time in the year we've had him his nails actually got trimmed every other time we can back home without getting them done due to him freaking out. Works well with the thunderstorms too. He no longer jumps in your lap every time he hears thunder.

We have a Shepherd/Greyhound mix that has anxiety problems in general. We purchased one of these and it's worked beautifully! She no longer chases her tail all day, paces etc.. She can actually relax which is so awesome to see! She is one happy girl!

My pomerainian is absolutely petrified of thunder and fireworks if we can put this on him a litle while before it starts it definietly helpsl