Clearasil  Ultra Acne+Marks Facial Wash and Mask

Clearasil Ultra Acne+Marks Facial Wash and Mask

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It's an acne cleanser... Dont expect anything more. I have tried like every acne product you could imagine. I have paid $1-$100 for a single ance cleaner/product. I have never truly found one that makes me say yes, that's the one. This one is the same way. It cleans my face and if I forget to clean my face one day, I will have a itty bitty pimple pop up. I am still on the search for the acne cleanser that works for me.... Will update you when I find it.

Doesn't work that well Doesn't seem to work very well. Leaves my face oily after I wash. Doesn't really help with the few pimples I get either. Does suds up pretty well but not something I would buy again.

This dried out my skin, made me break out more and I just didn't like it.

Love this for my annoying adult acne! Doesn't over-dry my skin and leaves my pores squeaky clean!

My daughter had tried many face cleaners. This one does not work well with her skin. Not a big fan of this particular cleaner

Inexpensive and gets the job done.

I definitely prefer clean&clear. This face wash is too harsh for those with sensitive skin.

I love how I can use just a little bit of this to get results! My face comes out so wonderfully clean, yet not overly-dry. I haven't had any breakouts since I started using this brand!

Did not work for me. This dried out my skin too much.

This is a thick and creamy face wash that I will say. I did not care for how it made my face feel; dry and tight and just icky overall. Did not care for the smell either.

It was an ok face wash but did nothing for my acne. It really isn't worth the money spent, for me at least. It dried out my skin and made my face itchy but yet i still had pimples.

Its nice to just use as a daily face wash, but it doesn't do anything special. Well at least for me, I still have acne but that may be due to stress as opposed to a dirty face so I couldn't really say that the product doesn't work. Makes face feel soft and it doesn't smell bad. If your looking for some form of acne treatment or redness reducer this isn't for yhou, but hey if you just like a simple face wash here it is.

I really thought i would like it but ends up i dont care for it at all. I used the entire bottle before i decided to review it in hopes that i would have something positive to say about it. My face still looks terrible however with all that being said, my skin felt soft but only for a short time after use. All skin is different maybe it will work better for you.

It didn't make my skin worse, but then again it really did nothing at all. My breakouts kept coming and it made my skin dry out and I just used more moisturizer. I still have most of mine standing around somewhere because within a few weeks I just gave up. I switched to neutrogena grapefruit cream cleanser and it's been working a lot better! (and it smells a whole lot better too)

This is the only face wash that actually keeps my skin clear. I've tried Clean and Clear and Neutrogena and ironically they break me out. I use Clearasil in the shower every morning (derm. says 1 time per day is best) and I have no break outs. I feel like it's the perfect balance between eliminating oily skin but not drying it out.