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Instead Softcup

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Softcup is a menstrual cup that can be worn up to 12 hours, there are no links to Toxic Shock Syndrome, and it can be worn during sex. you can even wear it while swimming. I was a little skeptical at first that i might be able to feel it. However, I could not feel it at all! There was no leaking at all. It is perfect for people with heavy periods.

Takes a few trys I liked these took some getting used to but after that no problems. lasted all day could leave and forget. I love being able to have sex without the mess. If they don't feel comfortable a reusable might be more comfortable for you.

Perfect product I have used these for awhile now and I like the product. While it did take some time to learn proper insertion and removal techniques it's no different than when as a young girl learning how to use tampons for the first times... it's a technique and once learned it's not hard. I have a low cervix esp. During that time of the month and a tilted uterus and I am still able to use these products easily with no leaks.

I love these. They are so easy to use and holds all day long . Easy mess free change and you can even change them in the shower !

I've been using these for a year now, and because I have a heavy flow, I make sure to use a pad just in case. I use gloves to take them out since it's a little messy. I have to say this is the best idea yet. They're so comfortable. I've never really used tampons, except for the Pocket Pearl, and I still think the Soft Cups are winner. I wonder what's better the Soft Cups or Diva Cups?

Ok. Ok. 5 stars, yes! The cup takes a bit of getting used too. Just to warn you! Trust me though ounce you get the hang of placement you'll never want to go back to tampons! Seriously that good! You can swim, run, and also have intercourse while wearing these. Also, they only need changed every 12 hours (based on your flow).

Absolutely loved These are what got me interested in using a menstrual cup. There's a learning curve to using them, but once you take a little time to figure out how to insert and remove them, they're amazing! They can last all day or all night without any leaking or odors.

I found these at walmart while looking for tampons and was intrigued. I found them easy to insert and remove and loved not needing pads or tampons.

I love this! I tried the Diva cup, but have problems with it. These are great! Sometimes they do take a little re-adjusting after using the bathroom. Some periods, they "bug" me and I can feel them, but most, I do not and they are so comfortable! You dont' feel them, they don't dry you out..I can use on my light and heavy days! They are sooo great on light days, you don't get that "tampon sucking the moisture right out of you" feeling! I've read that some woman use them during mid-cycle during the ucky discharge or after you know-what. I haven't tried that, but I think I will!

I like softcup product. Because you can wear it longer than a tampon. And I don't have to worry about getting TSS. Great my body & Pays for its self in the long run! ;)

I have used these off and on since they came out. Right now I cannot use them, and heading in for a partial hysterectomy. But they work great, you have to get used to inserting/removing and I would suggest wearing disposable gloves. But all in all, they work like they are supposed to,

Loved them...just hard for me to find in-store! I tried these years ago...and loved them. I still love them to this day. They are comfortable and easy to use....The biggest Con is that they can be messy during the removal process... My only problem is finding them in-store where I live.

Dont mind if I do! These work great for me! And while traveling these are a great diva cup alternative

After decades dealing with tampons and pantiliners, finding the Softcup was a welcome change. While It is important a women is comfortable with her own body to learn how to insert and withdraw these hygene products, the rewards are completly worth it. Instead softcups can be worn for twice the time of a tampon with no risk of TSS and they cannot be felt at all when inserted correctly. I like wearing them on my heavy days because I usually only need 2 trips to the bathroom to empty/change the softcup(once in the morning and once at night) instead of 4-6. (I also use a pantyliner as a backup just as I would with a tampon) I must admit, seeing the size of the softcup was a bit daunting at first but once I realized that the soft rubber ring conformed to fit my body the trepidation was gone. Removal takes a bit of practice though and I do recommend having a box of flushable wipes and sink nearby..But, once you get the hang of insertion and removal you may never want to use tampons again. I have recommend these to all my female friends and most have given them a try.

Love it I have used these for years. I love not having to worry about changing it every few hours. I love to use these when I am sleeping or swimming.